5 Day Lead Challenge Review- Training by Russel Brunson

In this post, I will review the 5 Day Lead Challenge, a training program recently launched by the legend Russel Brunson. It is a free 5-day training program that will teach you how to generate unlimited leads for your online business.

The training will be delivered by the marketing legend Russel Brunson and two special guest trainers Rachel Miller and Yara Golden.

And yes...it's completely free to join!

Let's take a look at the training program in detail.

What is 5-Day Lead Challenge?

Russel Brunson, the legend behind the ClickFunnels will teach you all the strategies you need to know and how to build your lead magnets for attracting prospects.

He will also explain how to put your leads into sales funnels and convert them into customer using Lead Squeeze Funnel.

5 Day Lead Challenge

Yara Golden is a storytelling expert and renowned copywriter. She will show how you can build a relationship with your potential customer or target audience by using a simple 6 email follow-up funnel. This is a proven formula to build a solid trust with your customers so that they are happy to buy from you.

Rachel Miller is an author of many best selling books and a 7-figure entrepreneur. She is an expert in promoting products in front of thousands of potential customers without spending anything on advertising. And this what she will teach you in this training as well. You will learn how to launch your sales funnel without paid ads.

What is inside 5-Day Lead Challenge?

Here is the complete structure of 5-Day Lead Challenge and what you will learn:

Day 1: Unlimited Leads

Day 1 is all about learning. You don't have to do any hands-on work on day 1. On this day, Russel will share his high-level strategy through which he and his team was able to generate leads on demand from the internet.

Day 2: Creating Your “Onepager”

On the second day, you’ll learn how to create your first lead magnet.
You will also learn a simple process of taking your own framework, and then build a “Onepager” that will act as a magnet and attract people to come to you!

On Day 2, you will get access to a new software platform completely free. This will help you to build your “Onepager” fast!

Day 3: Your Lead Funnel

On day 3, you will learn how to place your “Onepager” inside a simple funnel called a “Lead Squeeze Funnel" that will help you convert your dream customers into actual leads. ”

 You will get free access to pre-built high-converting ClickFunnels templates which you can easily modify as per specific need.

Day 4: Follow-Up Funnels

On the 4th day, you'll learn how to build a relationship quickly with those leads that you have acquired. .

Yara Golden will show you her 6 email follow-up funnel that will help you to build a relationship with your leads, so that, they are excited to buy from you in future!

You will also get the new software that will actually write these emails for you!

Day 5: Launch Your Funnel

Today is the last day of the 5-day lead challenge. Today another special guest Rachel Miller will teach you how you can launch your funnel without paying anything for ads.

In this training, she will share some amazing and stupid simple tactics to build your list without any ads.

Why should You join the 5 Day Lead Challenge?

If you are new to list building and have no prior experience doing this kind of thing before, this free lead challenge will give you the perfect opportunity and the best platform to get started. Further, you will learn directly from legends like Russel, Yara and Rachel themselves.

When you join the challenge, you will get access to two software products completely free from Russel. These software products will help you create your Lead Capture Page and Funnel.

What Else Should You know?

Now, let's take a look at some of the frequently asked questions on 5 Day Lead Challenge.

Who can join this 5 Day Lead Challenge?

Anyone interested in getting fresh leads and building their email list should participate in this challenge. This training program has previously helped many entrepreneurs, small business owners, online marketers, and marketing agencies.

Not only this, even if you are affiliate or Internet marketer who is selling or promoting digital products, this challenge will give you a right start in building your email list.

Is there any fee or charges to join this lead challenge?

This lead challenge is completely free to join.

Do you need a ClickFunnels account to join this challenge?

No, You don't need to have a ClickFunnels accounts to join this challenge. You can use any other funnel builder as per your choice.

However, inside the training program, Russel has offered quite a few ClickFunnels templates which you can customize and promote further. Without a ClickFunnels account, you won't be able to take advantage of this.

If you are not using a ClickFunnels account, you can take the 14 days free trial and use this in the lead challenge.


Russel Brunson is not a new name in the Internet Marketing world. He changed the Internet Marketing world when he launched ClickFunnels for the first time. Over the years, he has launched many books and courses, and each of them are filled with value and information.

I already went through this book, Dotcom Secrets, and it changed the way I used to see Internet Marketing business. This is one book I would suggest to all my readers who want to know more about Funnel Strategy. If you haven't read the book, here is where you can get a free copy of Dotcom Secrets.

Dot Com Secrets

5 Day Lead Challenge is another successful program on lead and funnel building program from him. The training is short and to the point. It runs for 5 days for about 30-40 minutes daily.

Each day, Russel will suggest actionable items for you to guide you on what to do next. Not only this, but he is also giving you two software products completely free just for joining the challenge.

If you haven't participated in the challenge yet, I would recommend you to go ahead and join the challenge right today.

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