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I'm Indraneel. I am the founder of Smart Affiliate Strategies. I'm an IT Consultant by profession and a blogger by passion! 

 In this blog, I will mainly write about blogging, affiliate marketing content marketing, making money online & SEO strategies.

Hi Impact

My online journey started sometime back in 2007, when I was in college. I started a small website where I mainly used to post forwarded email posts. Yahoo Groups were very popular in those days (not sure how they are doing now!). I was part of a few such yahoo groups where I used to get emails like Rare Pictures of Egyptian Pyramids, Colorful Illumination at Niagara Falls.

Back then, these type of posts were very popular among readers. I made my first online income by posting these types of articles. Google Adsense was my primary source of income. This continued for a few years until I got busy with my studies and job, hence decided to take a break.

My Journey with Affiliate Marketing (2014-2016)

I made my comeback again in 2014 and decided to pick it up from where I left it. By this time, Yahoo Groups were pretty much obsolete. Yahoo Group Messages hold little to no value, and in many cases, those were considered as spam. Google made a huge change in their algorithms. So these types of websites are no longer an option.

I had to start from the beginning all again. During this time, I read many posts online where people have shared their success stories and how they live a life by being a full time blogger and make money online. I also tried my luck on sites like PTC, Survey Website etc.

This was also the first time I became familiar with the term Affiliate Marketing. Over the next 2 years, I read a lot about it from different sources and by the end of 2015, I created my first affiliate website based on Niche Idea article.

I wrote about 15 articles within 3 months and made my first affiliate dollar from it somewhere within 6 months. Yes! It takes time to get results. The money was not much, but it was a start, and it gained my confidence in affiliate marketing. Over the next few months, I published a few more articles. I noticed a little traffic spike, but it was not generating sufficient income for me!

Something was still missing!

2016 changed my life!

I came across a website Wealthy Affiliate. But by this time, I had a few bad experiences as well from a few other websites. So I decided to take it slow and did a lot of online reviews and search for the website.

After a few days of research, I decided to give it a try their free affiliate level 1 certification course. The course literally blew mind, and I realized I wasn't even doing 10% of the things on my website at that time, which they taught.

So that was the beginning for me at Wealthy Affiliate, and I wish I found it earlier. Over the next few years I have attended other advanced Affiliate Training Programs as well, but Wealthy Affiliate helped me a lot to build the foundation!

The Level One Course offered by Wealthy Affiliate was an eye-opener for me as I realized I was doing many things wrong on my website. You see, the content was never an issue with my website, but there were so many other things like proper keyword research, online and offline SEO factor where I lacked. After completing their course, I applied all the suggestions which they mentioned, and I slowly started getting better results. Over the next few months, I saw another huge spike in my website traffic (much more than what I saw earlier).

Why am I telling you this?

If you are on this website, then I assume that you are interested in affiliate marketing or at least thought about giving it a shot!
That's great, and I genuinely want you to be successful. The only reason why I told the above story is to make you realize that affiliate marketing is not a quick-rich scheme, and it takes time. However, the timeline can be different for everyone based on how much effort you are putting! With the right training and positive mindset, you can do it too!

Why have I created this Website?

I have created this website to share my bit of knowledge in affiliate marketing to help others like you to succeed. In this website I have shared how you should start your affiliate journey, reviewed major affiliate programs and recommended the best affiliate programs based on my experience.

You can do it too!

I have made so many mistakes during my initial days with affiliate marketing and I learnt so many things from that. I still make today as well!
But the important thing is, I never gave up trying. That's my secret to success.

However,I certainly don't want you to make the same mistakes, which I did. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I would be happy to help you! You can join me at Wealthy Affiliate, where I connect with all the new members and share my knowledge and help them grow as well!

Wish You all the success and Best of Luck!


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