6 Easy Actionable Steps to Learn Affiliate Marketing and Build Your Authority Niche Website from Scratch

Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Understand Affiliate Marketing
  • Understand Niche and How to Find the Perfect Niche for Your Website
  • Create Your First Affiliate Website and Make it Ready for Monetization
  • Keyword Research: Find Profitable Low Competition Keywords for Your Blog
  • Write SEO Friendly Article to Rank on Google
  • Monetization on Your Blog


Understand Affiliate Marketing

Your introduction to the world of affiliate marketing and how you can get started

Find Your Niche

Understand what a Niche is and how you can find a perfect niche for your website

Start Your Affiliate Website

Time to put your knowledge action. Start your own money making website. Step by step guide on how to build a website from scratch

Keyword Research for SEO

Secrets to find Low Competition Keywords for your articles to rank in the first page of Google Search Results

Write SEO Friendly Articles

Understand how to structure your articles using the niche keywords  for better reading experience 

Amazon Affiliate Program

An overview of Amazon Affiliate Program, how to create your Amazon Affiliate Account and how to use the platform to generate revenue

Read this first to understand  What You can Expect from this Course!

I want to be super transparent to you guys...that's why I need to quickly touch upon a few points before you jump into the course.

  • Making money from Affiliate Marketing is easy and very much possible. However, do not expect a result overnight. It takes time and you need to work consistently if you want to be successful
  • Throughout this course, I have taken the Amazon Affiliate Program example, as this is the easiest and beginner-friendly platform. You will get instant approval to use this platform
  • If you are just starting with the Affiliate Program, my recommendation would be to start with Amazon Affiliate Program to build your authority website. Once you grow your website, you can focus on other affiliate programs


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