25 Best Facebook Groups to Share Your Post and Boost Your Blog Traffic for Free

If you are currently struggling to get enough traffic to your blog, this post is for you!

As a blogger, it is essential to bring more organic and social media traffic to your website. However, when you are just a beginner, driving organic traffic will be a bit tough than you may have imagined....because it takes to time gain authority and rank on Google.

So what to do? ...the answer is to try to get as much traffic as possible from social media websites like Pinterest, Facebook and others. Not only this will bring traffic to your website; it will send a strong signal to search engines that people love your content.

In this post, I will share with you 25 Facebook Groups where you can share your posts and get traffic.

Let's check them out

Best Facebook Groups to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

#1.The Blog Boss Tribe


The Blog Boss Tribe is hosted by Kirsten Rosetti. You can join this group to connect with other bloggers and help each other grow by sharing contents.

If you are a blogger who likes building relationships and supporting fellow bloggers, this will be the perfect group for you.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Share Your Blogging Goals
  • Tuesday: Share Your Struggle
  • Wednesday: Share Your Post
  • Saturday: Time to share your weekly wins

#2.Blog Beautiful

Blog Beautiful was created by Marianne Manthey. She is the creator of the website Design Your Own Blog. If you want to improve the overall design of your blog, you must check this website. You will also get access to her Blog Design Freebies completely free.

Blog Beautiful

Coming to the group now. As a group member, you will get feedback about your blog design, products or logos. Apart from that, you can ask any questions related to blogging. The group has over 8.5k+ members as of now.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Discussion on Blog Design
  • Tuesday: Share your best post or article that you would like to promote
  • Wednesday: Get feedback on a new logo, image template, blog design
  • Thursday: Got a freebie to share? Share it with the group and help each other
  • Friday: Post Your Weekly Blog achievements. This might inspire others.

#3.Boost Your Blog

Blogger Supporting Bloggers is a private Facebook group that has more than 40K members currently. The group was created by  Miss Millennia Magazine.

As a member of the group, you can share your knowledge, make connections with other bloggers and ask questions.

Boost Your Blog

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: A day to share your Instagram
  • Tuesday: Share your Twitter profile or posts

#4.Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

Boost Your Blog is a private Facebook community created to help other bloggers to help each other. The group was created by Helen, who is behind the blog Helen in Between. Currently, the group has over 47k members.

Blogger Supporting Bloggers

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Share one blog post link and then leave comments on other blog post for other member
  • Tuesday:  Share  one Facebook links and then engage with other members
  • Wednesday: Share  one Pinterest links and then follow other members
  • Thursday: Share one Twitter link and then do the same for other members
  • Friday: Share your Instagram links and then follow other members
  • Saturday: Favour Thread where you can ask for one blogging favour from others and do the same to other members
  • Sunday: Blogger of the week

#5.Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix

Connect & Cultivate is one of my favourite Facebook groups. Not only because I get the opportunity to share my contents in the group, but also for the freebies.

Connect and Cultivate

As a group member, you get access to new stock images every month completely free. They have a vast collection of their own high-quality stock images, which you will not get anywhere else. There is a dedicates section for photos. You can access the current as well as all previous period stock phots from here.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Share your Instagram
  • Tuesday: Share a click to tweet
  • Wednesday: Blogging 101 (Q & A)
  • Thursday: Promote your best stuff
  • Friday: Share a Blog post
  • Saturday: Share a Pin
  • Sunday: Collaborate

#6.Blogging with Purpose

Blogging with Purpose was created by Kelan and Brittany from  The Saavy Couple.

Blogging with Purpose

This is one place where you can share and gain knowledge from other members on various topics traffic building, monetization, growth hacks and other blogging resources.

This is also a platform to collaborate with other bloggers and engage in active opportunities. The group has more than 3k members.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: share your latest blog post, landing page
  • Wednesday: Share or promote your social media account
  • Friday: Get feedback on your latest post, email template and others

#7.Pinterest Ninjas

Pinterest Ninjas was created by Megan Johnson. She is also the owner of Love Family Health.

Pinterest Ninjas

This group will help you to boost your Pinterest Pins and profile. As a member, you can share each other's and support in social media following. The group has over 5k active members.

Group Promo Days

  • Tuesday: Only on Tuesdays. For every pin you submit, you need to re-pin other members' pin

#8.Blogging for New Members

Blogging for New Bloggers is a Facebook Group to connect with other bloggers and help each other grow. The group was created by Lucrezia and Mariana. They are also running the websites Bloggingfornewbloggers and Tinyloveblog

Blogging for New Bloggers

The group has currently 34k active members.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Facebook Followers
  • Tuesday: Re-Pin
  • Wednesday: Sharing Is Power
  • Thursday :Blog Post Comments
  • Friday: Promo Friday
  • Saturday:  Social Media Following
  • Sunday: Blog Post Comments or Shares

#9.Becoming a Blogger

Becoming a Blogger was created by Cate Rosales of Sweet and Simple Life. 

Becoming a Blogger

The group has more than 27k members as of now. You can use this if you want to grow your blogs to make money online at the comfort of working from home.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Instagram sharing
  • Tuesday: Twitter sharing
  • Wednesday: Blog Posts
  • Thursday: Pinterest pin sharing
  • Friday: Facebook posting
  • Saturday: Self Promo thread+ Small Business Support Thread
  • Sunday: Collaborative thread + Video Views Thread

#10.Blogging Babes Collective

The Blogging Babes Collective is a group for new bloggers who want to work together to build their blogs and support other bloggers.

Blogging Babes Collective

Even if you don't have a website, you can still a member of the group. The Blogging Babes Collective was created by Sasha Lassey of Everyday She's Sparkling. The group has over 6.1K members.

Group Promo Days

The group has specific threads for Blog post, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Collaboration opportunities.

Apart from this, you will find daily threads where you can ask questions on specific topics. Overall, this is a very helpful group to grow your blog and connect with other bloggers.

#11.Golden Bloggerz

If you want tips and knowledge on how to get blog traffic, more followers, shares and subscribers then Golden Bloggerz the perfect Facebook community for you.

Golden Bloggerz

The group was created by Chris Kosto of Goldenbloggerz.com and it has 2K members so far.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Facebook page like/follow
  • Tuesday: Social media shares
  • Wednesday: Social media followers
  • Thursday: Pinterest re-pin
  • Friday: blog post comment
  • Saturday: Instagram engagement
  • Sunday: Ask a favor

#12.Blogging Addicts

Blogging Addicts FB group has been hosted by the members of TravelbyMaya and Blogging Addicts. The group has about 1K members so far.

Blogging Addicts

It is a group for all types of bloggers who want to help each other promote their blog. You can also make new connections with other bloggers and ask your blog related questions.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Share anything
  • Tuesday: Blog post shares and comments
  • Wednesday: Pin click through
  • Thursday: Pin from a blog post
  • Friday: Self promo
  • Saturday: social media engagement
  • Sunday: social media follow

#13.Pinterest for Lady Bloggers and Business Owners

Pinterest for lady bloggers and business owners is mostly about Pinterest, but they also cover other areas of running a blog and online business.

Pinterest for Lady Bloggers & Business Owners

The group is best for building your Pinterest profile account and find  best ways to get the traffic to your blog. The group was set up by Skylark Virtual Services and and it has 7.5k members

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Mom and parenting
  • Tuesday: Travel
  • Wednesday: Home décor, DIY, crafts
  • Thursday: Everyone else
  • Friday: Blogging, online business, social media
  • Saturday: Food and drink

#14.Blogging Boost

Blogging Boost is a Facebook group where you will get the opportunity to connect with other bloggers to share your posts and learn more about blogging.

Blogging Boost

The group was created by Kaitlyn and Elizabeth and it has 33K members.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Promote your own blog post
  • Tuesday: Set your goals for the week
  • Wednesday: Social Media Shares (share your social media handles)
  • Thursday: Feedback (ask for feedback on your blog, social media channels, logo, etc.) & check in on your goals for the week set on Monday
  • Friday: Collaborate (Find others to help or work with you on a project)
  • Saturday: Share + Care (Answer the question in the weekly thread! Get to know one another a little better!)

#15.Rock Your Blog & Biz

Rock Your Blog & Biz is a Facebook group for bloggers and online business who want to connect to share blogging knowledge. 

Rock Your Blog & Biz

The group has over 4k subscribers. It was set up by Kirsten Nava Rosetti of KirstenRosetti.com

Group Promo Days

  • Monday Threads: Goals
  • Tuesday Threads: Pinterest promos
  • Wednesday Threads: Blog Post promos
  • Thursday Threads: Get social (share one of your social media profiles/posts)
  • Other threads include: promote your biz, let’s talk business, collaborations, shoutouts

#16.Newbie & Expert Blogger Unite

Newbie & Expert bloggers unite was created by Lucy from cheers to life blogging. This is a fun, interactive community of bloggers from different levels who want to support and help each other in their blogging journey. 

Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite

It has over 1.3K members.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday Threads: Instagram Follows or Engagement
  • Tuesday Threads: Pinterest Follows or Re-Pins
  • Wednesday Threads: Blog Comments or Shares
  • Thursday Threads: Social Follows or Engagement
  • Friday: Facebook Follows or Engagement
  • Saturday: Affiliates Promo / Self-Promo
  • Sunday: Self-Promo

Apart from this, they also have different niche-specific sharing schedules, which are as follows:

  • Monday : Motherhood & Family
  • Wednesday : Self-care & Growth
  • Friday: Travel

There are also weekly support threads, which can help you learn from other fellow blogger friends. These include blogging tips, blog monetization tips, affiliate marketing advice, and many more.

#17.New Bloggers Support Group for Women

New Bloggers Support Group for Women is a Facebook group for female entrepreneurs only who have a blog. This group was created by Lisa from Lisa Designs Life. The group is very popular among female bloggers in terms of engagements.

New Bloggers Support Group for Women

Currently, it has over 5K members.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Instagram follows/engagement
  • Tuesday: Pinterest follows or re-pins
  • Wednesday: Blog comment/shares
  • Thursday: Social follows/engagement
  • Friday: Facebook follows
  • Saturday: Self promo
  • Sunday: Affiliate promo/self promo

#18.The Blogging Boss Chicks

Blogging boss chics group has been created for bloggers of all niches. As a member of the group, you can help one another promote, as well as seek help and advice.

blogging boss chicks

If you have any blogging questions, you are encouraged to reach out to the group as well. The group is owned by Ashely from Ashley Cooper of The Rich Girl Blog and Mom LifeStyle Blog

The group has over 4K members.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Share a pin
  • Tuesday: Promo day
  • Wednesday: YouTube Subscribe/ Affiliate Link Share
  • Thursday: Instagram Follow
  • Friday:  Pinterest Follows
  • Saturday: Blog posts Share
  • Sunday: Social media Sunday

#19.A Self Guru-Biz Blog Community

A SELF GURU- BIZ BLOG COMMUNITY was set up by Amira of A SELF GURU . It is a group of all bloggers and entrepreneurs who are interested in make money online Business.

ASelfGuru - Biz Blog Community

The group has more than 6K members.

Group Promo Days

  • Monday: Blog Post Shares
  • Tuesday: Pinterest re-pins
  • Wednesday: Blog Post Comments
  • Thursday: Pinterest Follows + Twitter Follows / Retweets
  • Friday: Facebook Follows / Comments + Instagram Follows/ Comments
  • Saturday: Pinterest re-pins / comments
  • Sunday: Collaboration /Share Anything

#20.Grow Your Blog

Grow Your Blog is an amazing Facebook Group for bloggers looking for opportunities to get more viewers and traction. You will connect with other like-minded bloggers, share contents and help each other grow.

Grow Your Blog

The group has over 14.5K members.

Group Promo Days

There is no such day specific threads as such but here is the list of what you will get

  • Weekly Follow for Follow Threads
  • Daily Comment Threads
  • Daily Social Media Threads
  • A new Mentorship program for bloggers to learn from each other
  • Lots of great content to help fill your posting schedule

#21.Girl Crush Collective