Top 10 Keto Affiliate Programs to start Your Own Keto Website and Make Money Online

The ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate, high-fat diet that was originally designed to control blood sugar in diabetics before the development of insulin and other diabetic medications. The body enters a state called ketosis when it is not provided with enough carbohydrates and sugars, and instead starts using fat as its primary fuel source. 

The ketogenic diet is often associated with weight loss, but it also has other health benefits such as reduced appetite, lowered blood pressure, increased good HDL cholesterol, and improved mental clarity. The popularity of the ketogenic diet has increased in recent years, and there is a growing demand for keto-friendly products and resources. 

As a result, the ketogenic diet can be a profitable and interesting niche for affiliate marketers to consider. They can provide helpful information and resources about the diet, review and recommend keto-friendly products, and help consumers save money on their purchases.

To determine if they are following the ketogenic diet correctly, many people use ketone strips to test the ketones in their urine and check if they have reached ketosis. The ketogenic diet has a strong following, and those who follow it often engage in online communities to discuss the topic.

This means that if someone starts a blog or website about the ketogenic diet, they should aim to be a part of and engage with the community in order to increase their ranking and potentially drive more sales.

As an affiliate marketer in the ketogenic diet niche, it is important to provide accurate and helpful information to consumers. This can include explaining how to get started on the diet, providing recommendations for keto-friendly foods and products, and addressing potential side effects or challenges that may arise.

It is also important to be aware of any potential risks or drawbacks associated with the diet, and to provide balanced information to help consumers make informed decisions.

In addition to promoting ketogenic products and resources, affiliate marketers can also consider creating their own content or products related to the diet. This could include creating a ketogenic meal plan or cookbook, or developing a course or coaching program to help people successfully follow the diet. By offering valuable and unique content or products, affiliate marketers can differentiate themselves and potentially increase their profits.

Overall, the ketogenic diet is a rapidly growing and potentially profitable niche for affiliate marketers. By providing helpful information and resources, promoting keto-friendly products, and potentially creating their own unique content or products, affiliate marketers can help consumers learn about and successfully follow the diet while also earning commissions.

Here are ten keto affiliate programs that you can join to start earning commissions, but you will likely find many more options as you continue your research

Kiss My Keto

Kiss My Keto is a company that specializes in ketogenic products such as low-carb foods, supplements, shakes, and bone broths. They were established to provide options for people following a ketogenic diet.

Their affiliate program is hosted on Refersion, and affiliates are given personalized promotional codes and content to assist in promoting the products. Tracking tools are also provided to help affiliates track their success. Kiss My Keto offers bi-weekly payouts to their affiliates.

Kiss My Keto offers a range of products designed specifically for the ketogenic diet. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn up to 20% commissions on all products, as well as receive personalized promo codes and a 10% off coupon to share with their viewers. To support their affiliates, the company also offers bi-weekly payouts.

  • Affiliate URL: Kiss My Keto Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie: 365 days
  • Omni Keto

    Omni Keto is a collection of brands that offer keto-friendly products to their customers. These brands include Keto Delivered, a subscription box service, Keto and Company, a line of low-carb foods, and two keto shake brands, Ketolent and KetoOne.

    They use Refersion to manage their affiliate program. As affiliates, you will have access to special links, banners, graphics, and tracking tools. You can use these materials on your website, blog, emails, and other approved communications.

    Omni Keto offers a variety of low-carb, keto products across multiple brands, and affiliates can earn generous commission rates by promoting them. Commissions are paid on both one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions, including subscription renewals.

  • Affiliate URL: Omni Keto Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10-20%
  • Cookie: 15 days
  • Ketologie

    Ketologie is a family-owned business that was founded after the owner's personal journey towards a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle. They noticed that there were no keto-friendly ready-to-eat products available, so they decided to create their own. Their product line includes keto shakes, collagen protein, bone broth, probiotics, supplements, and 21-day keto kickstart programs.

    They use Affiliatly to manage their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will have access to a variety of creatives and tools to help you promote their products. You can choose to be paid through Paypal or in gift vouchers to use on their website.

    They use Affiliatly to manage their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will have access to a variety of creatives and tools to help you promote their products. You can choose to be paid through Paypal or in gift vouchers to use on their website.

    Ketologie offers a range of keto products and education, and affiliates can earn tiered commission rates on sales. Affiliates can choose to receive payouts through Paypal or as gift vouchers.

    Here's a breakdown of the commission rates:

    • 10% for monthly sales between $1-$999
    • 15% for sales between $1,000-$2,999
    • 20% for sales between $3,000-$3,999
    • 25% for sales of $5,000+
  • Affiliate URL: Ketologie Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10-25%
  • Cookie: 90 days
  • Perfect Keto

    Perfect Keto is a company that provides resources, articles, recipes, and podcasts to help people succeed on the keto diet. They also have a line of keto-friendly products, including supplements, coffee, bars, MCT oil, collagen powder, ketone testing strips, nut butter, and more.

    They have partnered with Refersion to manage their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will have access to banner ads, text links, email templates, and articles to use in your promotional campaigns. Perfect Keto also sends out weekly emails with suggestions on how to maximize your commissions, products of the month, and weekly promotions.

    Perfect Keto offers tools and resources to help people succeed on a ketogenic diet. As an affiliate, you'll have access to a variety of materials to support your promotional efforts, as well as additional perks like coupon codes and the potential for increased commissions based on your sales and number of followers.

  • Affiliate URL: Perfect Keto Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Bulletproof

    Bulletproof is a company that offers high-quality supplements and foods to support optimal performance. They are well-known for their Bulletproof coffee, and also offer other keto-friendly products like supplements and MCT oil.

    Their affiliate program is run through Impact. As an affiliate, you will have access to a range of optimized banner ads, product images, and text links to use in your promotional campaigns. You can also highlight the endorsement of Bulletproof products by top athletes and medical professionals.

    Bulletproof offers products to help you reach peak performance, including the famous Bulletproof coffee which started the smart fat fuel movement. It's worth noting that they do not accept coupon affiliates into their program. Additionally, their affiliate program has a long cookie life, which means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase at a later date, you will still receive a commission for the sale.

  • Affiliate URL: Bulletproof Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 120 days
  • Doctors Best Weight Loss

    Doctors Best Weight Loss is a company that offers affordable premium diet food, used by doctors globally. Their products have received thousands of positive reviews, and they have over 200 keto options available, including their own lines of diet products.

    To manage their affiliate program, Doctors Best Weight Loss has partnered with Commission Junction. As an affiliate, you will have access to all the tools and information you need to get started, and a dedicated affiliate team is available to answer any questions and provide suggestions.

    They are specialized in affordable diet foods. As an affiliate, you can earn increased commissions of up to 12% for total amounts equal to or greater than $1000. These specialized diet foods have helped thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals and have received a 5-star rating from over 7,000 verified reviews.

  • Affiliate URL: Doctors Best Weight Loss Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 45 days
  • Nui

    Nui is the creator of the world's first keto-friendly cookie. The founders of Nui were inspired to create these cookies after discovering the benefits of a low-carb, low-sugar diet, but not wanting to give up their favorite treats. Their cookies are suitable for diabetics, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and have low net carbs.

    Nui uses Refersion to manage their affiliate program. They are seeking partnerships with individuals who share their values and are interested in promoting their products to their audiences. As an affiliate, you will receive professionally designed banners, text links, and reporting tools.

  • Affiliate URL: Nui Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Keto Sports

    Keto Sports is a company that sells ketone-based products that support a ketogenic diet. They began with the creation of KetoForce, a product designed for sports enthusiasts. However, they soon realized that the benefits of a keto diet could extend to the general population and expanded their product line to support a variety of lifestyles and therapeutic purposes.

    To manage their affiliate program, Keto Sports uses Rakuten Marketing. As an affiliate, you will have access to product images, banner ads, text links, emails, search boxes, and a storefront. You can also promote your own links, but they must be approved by Keto Sports before they can be used.

  • Affiliate URL: Keto Sports Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie: 10 days
  • Kegenix

    Kegenix is a company that aims to help people combat the keto flu and sustain a ketogenic state through the use of scientifically formulated products. These products are designed to put the body in nutritional ketosis in less than one hour and can improve overall health. Kegenix's product line includes ketogenic meal replacements, dietary supplements, multivitamins, and a ketone boost spray.

    Kegenix uses Post Affiliate Pro to manage their affiliate program. As an affiliate, you will have access to links, banners, and an exclusive 10% off coupon to share with your audience. Kegenix's website is known for having a high conversion rate in the industry.

  • Affiliate URL: Kegenix Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie: 90 days
  • KetoLogic

    KetoLogic is a company that is dedicated to educating people about the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle. Their product line includes meal replacement shakes, fat loss supplements, snacks, coaching, and more. Customers can also access educational resources, exercises, and recipes to help them succeed on a keto diet.

    KetoLogic manages their affiliate program in-house. As an affiliate, you will have early access to new products and content before it launches. You'll also have access to a range of promotional materials, including an innovative sharing widget, to help you promote KetoLogic's products. The average order value at KetoLogic is $98.

    Keto Affiliate Website Ideas

    Now that you know the best Keto Affiliate websites, let's see how you can promote these programs by creating different types of affiliate websites. 

    1. A recipe website that features easy, delicious keto meals and snacks, with links to purchase the ingredients from affiliate retailers.
    2. A blog that reviews keto supplements and other products, such as cookbooks, meal delivery services, and kitchen gadgets.
    3. A resource for finding keto-friendly restaurants and products, with reviews and ratings from users.
    4. A forum or community for people following the keto diet, with discussion threads on topics like recipe sharing, progress tracking, and overcoming challenges.
    5. A subscription service that provides monthly boxes of keto snacks, meals, and other products, with a percentage of the sale going to the affiliate.
    6. A directory of keto-friendly products, with descriptions and links to purchase from affiliated retailers.
    7. A guide to following the keto diet while traveling, with recommendations for keto-friendly restaurants, snacks, and products to pack.
    8. A resource for beginners starting the keto diet, with tips and tricks for success, as well as links to purchase recommended products.

    Wrapping Up

    So there you go with the list of some of the best Keto Affiliate Programs. Needless to say, these are only a few programs that we have mentioned. Apart from these, you will find many Keto programs in platforms like Clickbank and Digistore.

    Whether you are looking to start a recipe website, blog about keto supplements, or offer a subscription service for keto snacks and meals, there are options to suit a wide range of interests and expertise. By researching and comparing different programs, you can find the one that best fits your needs and goals as an affiliate. With the right program and some hard work, you can build a successful and profitable keto affiliate website.

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