Blog Simple Framework Review: Is this the right Blogging Course for You?

Welcome to my Blog Simple Framework Review.

Blog Simple Framework is an online course created by Paul Scrivens. The course teaches you how to set up Build a Six-Figure Blog from scratch. I am currently a student of this course myself, and in this post, I will share my experience with the course.

But before that....a little disclaimer!

Disclaimer:  This post contains a few affiliate links, which means when you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read the affiliate disclaimer for more details.

This affiliate link is also proof that I am a student of this course and not just any guy making a random review post. 🙂The BSF affiliate program is only open for people who have enrolled on the program and used it. Scrivs doesn't just allow anyone to promote or review his course without knowing anything about the program.

I would also like to mention that this will be a lengthy review as I intend to share as much information as possible for this course to help you make an informed decision whether to go for this course or not. let's get started.

Blog Simple Framework- Quick Summary

Blog Simple Framework (BSF) is a training program to help get started with your blog to make income figure income. The course will take you through topics like picking a niche, setting up a blog, SEO, making ad revenue using affiliate marketing and other income streams.

What is Blog Simple Framework?

As I mentioned earlier, Blog Simple Framework (BSF) is a training program by Paul Scrivens (also known as Scrivs that will teach you how to create a blog that makes money. The thought process behind this is very simple- what is the point of making a blog if you are not making money out of it?

Throughout the training program, Scrivs will show how to set up a blog that makes a six-figure income and not just limit yourself with small success in blogging.

The course is under the Odd Noodle umbrella, where he created training programs like Blog Simple Framework, Pocket Business School and Seek the Offer (which was later changed to Dare to Conquer)

Scrivs has over 13 different blogs as of now, all created from scratch and currently making six-figure incomes. The program was later renamed as Blog Simple Framework 2.0 as Scrivs added a few new modules and made it even better.

Why did I join Blog Simple Framework Course?

Probably you are asking this question to yourself- why should you care, and what is in it for you?

.....and I think this is the most important question..... and You are not wrong at all asking this!

If you are a newbie looking for way to make money online, I am sure at some point of time you surely have come across the following courses or at least they have been suggested to you:

  • Wealthy Affiliate Training (I am a member of this program as well-here is my Wealthy Affiliate review if you wish to read more about it)
  • Making Sense of Cents Training Program (another well-known training program, created by Michelle from Making Sense of Cents)- I never joined this program, but I heard a lot of positive reviews about it.

Apart from this, if you search online, you will tons of articles, free blog posts, free training programs that will tell you how to create a blog and make money online....then what is so special about it?

Before I get into the Blog Simple Framework review details, I thought of sharing my story with you. Maybe you can relate to it... Who knows.. perhaps you are in the same spot where I used it to be a few years back!

I was dead against joining paid programs for a long time, no matter how promising those look. I had a strong belief, why spend money when I can learn all these things for free online?

However, over a period of time, I have realized that paid courses have their own benefits.

First of all, it saves you a lot of time doing the guesswork, online research, trial and error methods.

Secondly, you get to learn from experienced people who had done this before and learn from their mistakes. So why waste time doing the same mistakes again...right?

Don't get me wrong here...I still do my fair share of online research, self-learning for any new things, but when it comes to serious topics like making money online from blogs, I rely on experts.

For me, it was the BSF Free Blogging Master Workshop. In this workshop, Scrivs will explain why most people fail in their blogging journey. Unlike most intro workshop or demo where course creators mostly talk about their products and features, Scrivs will mainly show you the right direction to grow a successful business.

Blog Simple Framework Free Webinar

So, even if you don't enroll for the course, I would recommend watching this video as it will give you a lot of insights. This is what you will get in the free workshop:

  • Can you make money blogging- The recent changes in the blogging industry and the roadmap you need to be a successful blogger
  • The challenges of Blogging- Revenue, Traffic- No, writing a ton of articles and expect those will generate revenue is not going to work anymore
  • How relying only on Pinterest will be a huge mistake
  • Importance of SEO - challenging yet achievable, what you should do in the initial months
  • Why can't you make money blogging- Shocking, but that's the truth
  • Monetizing Your website- Why should you not rely only on Ad Revenue, and why you should not consider Ad Revenue as your primary source of income from your blog
  • How can you make money as fast as possible
  • How do you increase your revenue
  • Understanding funnel
  • How to do Blogging outreach to generate more traffic
  • Typical Blog Journey vs Better Blog Journey- the difference
  • Pageviews vs Conversion- Where you should focus more
  • any many other things!
  • But Scrivs prefers to show you the true picture. Of course, you still need to do the work, but he shows you the right direction and guides you through the journey.

    Blog Simple Framework : Course Contents

    Now that I explained about the free workshop, let's take a look at the actual Blog Simple Framework course.

    Blog Simple Framework has the following courses available at the time of writing this review. In addition, Scrivs updates all the modules whenever there is a significant change in Google Algorithm, Pinterest update, or anywhere that is worth mentioning.

    Blog Simple Framework Course

    Earlier, many of these courses were sold separately. But over time, Scrivs has clubbed them together and made this all-in-one complete course. This is also the reason some courses are duplicate.

    I’ll get into the detail of each of these courses, but, in a nutshell, the courses are as follows:

    • Blog Simple Framework 2.0
    • Pinterest Traffic Framework
    • SEO Traffic Framework
    • Video Simple Framework
    • Blog Beautiful Framework
    • Blog Attraction Framework
    • Mighty Tiny SEO
    • The Copywriting Cookbook
    • The Dream Roadmap 2.0
    • Pocket Business System

    #1.Blog Simple Framework

    Blog Simple Framework is the core course of the entire platform. This will give you an overview of blogging, how to do niche selection that makes you money. This will cover pretty much everything that he mentioned in his free workshop.

    Inside the course you will learn:

    • How to Set up your niche
    • Content idea generation
    • How to know your audience by doing empathy exercises
    • Content planning including methods like Skyscraper technique, Google, Pinterest & YouTube-How do you start with them
    • Content creation that includes headlines and ae perfect post structure
    •  Search Engine Optimization
    • Setting up your Blog
    • Why  do you need an Email List
    • How to promote your content and make it viral
    • Bonus contents

    #2. Pinterest Traffic Framework

    Pinterest is an essential social media network and a visual search engine used by bloggers to attract visitors. But Pinterest keeps changing its algorithms and the way it works.

    While other bloggers still teaching the same old tactics that hardly works anymore, Paul keeps on sharing new strategies and techniques that no one else is talking about.

    In this course you will learn:

    • Pinterest and Your Niche
    • What Pinterest expects from you as a content creator
    • Setting up your Pinterest profile
    • Pinterest SEO
    • How to create rich Pinterest pins
    • Pinning strategy
    • Manual  pinning vs. auto pinning by scheduler
    • Bonus content: How can you create 10 Pins in 15 Minutes or Less

    #3. SEO Traffic Framework

    The primary purpose of your blogging is to get content in front of the right people, and SEO is one of the key methods to achieve that. SEO is the number one choice for everyone as everything you get from SEO is free.

    You can also go for Paid Ads, but they can cost you a significant upfront investment with no guarantee of success. Even if you are using paid ads, it's always good to have the idea of Basic SEO, as this will help you in the long run. As a blogger, I always recommend starting with SEO.

    In this course you will learn :

    • How to choose your Keywords
    • Understand How Google works
    • E.A.T.
    • How to setup your blog
    • How to create SEO worthy content
    • How to do link building
    • Google analytics

    Apart from this you will get a few bonus contents like:

    • SEO Case Study
    • Backlink Quick wins
    • Guest Posting directory

    #4. Video Simple Framework

    Video Simple Framework will show you how to get started with YouTube and grow your YouTube account. The course will cover setting up a YouTube account, planning your videos, and building a growth strategy.

    Inside the course you will learn:

    • YouTube Platform
    • How to find your YouTube topics
    • How to structure your YouTube videos
    • How to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO

    #5. Blog Beautiful Framework

    Blog Beautiful Framework focuses on a few areas, such as finding the right domain for your blog, choosing a hosting server and WordPress theme.

    Scrivs has explained in detail topics like installing WordPress on your blog server, setting up SSL certificates, legal pages and installing themes.

    I use Thrive Themes on my blog. But here in this course, Scrivs has mentioned Generate Press and gave a walkthrough on how to set things up using Generate Press.

    Inside this module, you will learn:

    • How to select the right colour for your blog
    • Layout
    • Typography
    • Menus
    • Sidebars
    • Homepage

    #6. Blog Attraction Framework

    There is a difference between traffic and right traffic. As a blogger, you must focus on the right traffic to build your blog. It is nice to see thousands of people coming to your website, but it is of no use if none of them is engaging with your content. This module will teach you how to attract the right audience back to your website. You will learn:

    • The content value
    • On-Page time- How to increase
    • How to enhance the reading experience
    • How to increase your page views without increasing traffic
    • How to Build Your Authority
    • Brand vs Traffic

    #7. Mighty Tiny SEO

    Mighty Tiny SEO is additional lessons where Scrivs has covered topics like SEO plugins, Google Tag Manager. Apart from this, you will find a detailed guide on how to follow SEO best practices. Here is what you will find in this module:

    • Pocket SEO Workshop
    • The Google Foundation
    • Rank Brain Plugin
    • Adding Trust Pages
    • How to customize the 404 page to get the most out of it.

    #8. The Copywriting Cookbook

    Copywriting is an essential skill that can make a huge difference to your website. Unfortunately, most people believe that need to have a good website design, catchy themes to get visitors and make money from that.

    In reality, you can get away even with an average designed website if your content sends the right message to people and inspires them to take actions.

    The copywriting module will teach you everything you need to know about copywriting, starting from structuring your content, using powerful headlines, using attention-getting words, and putting the use of motivation and emotion in your words .

    #9. The Dream Roadmap

    Dream Roadmap module was created to guide you on what you should look for, what to do next and all such things to help you take regular actions in your blogging journey. You will get an in-depth knowledge of your topic, niche and audience. This module will contain checkpoints, worksheet to keep track of your progress.

    #10. Pocket Business System

    Pocket Offer helps you see your blog as a Brand and think beyond blogging. The key difference between a normal blog and successful blog depends on how they position themselves. Successful blogs achieve better results because they give their audience a clear and crisp message about what their blog is all about.

    This module is all about getting clarity on your brand, WHY you have created your blog and most importantly, what your readers can expect.

    Apart from this , Blog Simple Framework has few advanced courses like Pinterest Ads, Facebook Ads included with the course.

    Blog Simple Framework also has a detailed course on community management. The course has been hosted by Marybeth, who is one of the early students of Blog Simple Framework and a community manager for Blog Simple Framework.

    In this course, she will show you how you can efficiently run a community and understand the people in your community. This is a handy guide for people who are actively managing communities on Facebook or other social media platforms.

    I would say this is a bonus course which no one else in the market is talking about!

    Blog Simple Framework : Pros and Cons

    Now, let's see some of the pros and cons of Blog Simple Framework. However, let me clarify that these are entirely my opinions based on my experience as a member.


    • Blog Simple Framework has everything you need to start a successful blog. The course not only speaks about blogging or affiliate marketing, instead it focuses on how you can build a six-figure business from it
    • BSF helps you create a complete roadmap of your blogging journey. Most newbie bloggers struggle because they don't know what to do next once they start. Having a clear roadmap helps you to stay focused on your goals. BSF gives you step by step guidance on how you should take regular baby steps to stay ahead of the game.
    • Scrivs likes to explain things the way it is. He doesn't create unnecessary hype or make false promises. Blogging is serious work, and you need to stay focused to succeed. There is no alternative! Scrivs likes to keep things to the point so that you don't get distracted or waste your time doing unnecessary things.
    • Social Media traffic and SEO both are critical for generating traffic for your blog. Social Media like Pinterest traffic can give your blog an instant boost to your blog traffic, whereas SEO traffics are organic that will help you in the long term. BFS has two detailed courses on Pinterest and SEO traffic to cover all these aspects
    • All the BSF modules are updated regularly whenever there is a major change or update in Google Algorithm, Pinterest features or anything that can impact your blog. Scrivs makes sure his students are well aware of any changes so that they can take actions accordingly
    • BSF has a great Slack-based community platform where members can interact with Scrivs and Marybeth. Both Scrivs and Marybeth are very active in the Slack community. So if you have any questions or are stuck somewhere, feel free to reach out to them. They are all ears!
    • At this point, Scrivs and Marybeth are running more than 13 successful blogs. During the training, Scrivs often use these websites as examples to show you how all these websites were built from scratch to successful blogs


    • Let's be honest. Blog Simple Framework is not a cheap course. But the good thing is, you will also have the option to make instalment payments, though it will cost you a little more. However, this is still cheap compared to the courses like Wealthy Affiliate, where you have to make recurring payments every year/month.
    • There is so much content inside Blog Simple Framework. If you are a newbie, it might be a little overwhelming. So, if you are going ahead with this course, I would suggest focusing on Blog Simple Framework Module and take actions. This is a self-paced learning program, so you will get plenty of opportunities to focus on other modules once you progress.
    • There are online communities nowadays for almost all the online courses where you can engage with other members or course owners. Most of these communities are on Facebook. BSF also has their community platform. However, unlike other courses, this is hosted on a platform called Slack. Not many people are well aware of Slack, so you might find it difficult initially. However, Slack helps you stay super focused than Facebook, where you can quickly get distracted with cute cat videos.

    Should You join Blog Simple Framework?

    Not every course is for everyone!

    People do blogging for so many reasons...some just want to share their thoughts with the world, others want to make money from blogging, but just as a side hustle and they are happy making maybe $500 or $1000 per month.

    There are plenty of free guides available online, which are more than enough to get your started. In fact, Scrivs has created some amazing articles that you can take benefit from completely free.

    However, you need to figure out how seriously you want to pursue blogging as a career and whether it is worth investing in education like this. In my opinion, If you fall into one of these following categories, you should stay away from this course:

    • You are not convinced that blogging could be your business. You are doing it for now but are not sure how long you will continue in the future. Better figure this out before you put your money in this
    • Scrivs works towards a simple goal and believes making money should be your only objective for setting up a blog. However, that is not your ultimate goal; instead, you see blogging as more of a platform to share your thoughts or, at most, as a passion project
    • You are looking for a platform where everything will be spelt out to you. No one in this world knows everything. Scrivs as a coach will give you a set of systems and frameworks to build your blog foundation. But at some point, you have to use your creativity and put your best judgement
    • You expect that BSF will be like a magic potion that will make you a successful blogger overnight. However, blogging requires serious hard work and time commitment to make money. If you’re not willing to do that, most likely, you will be disappointed.

    Is Blog Simple Framework a Scam?

    Absolutely not!

    I am a student myself of this fantastic training program, and I can vouch for that.

    Throughout this course, Paul will help you to get your blog journey started, get traffic and most importantly, convert that traffic to money. You will also learn to leverage affiliate marketing and make money by promoting other people’s products.

    Blog Simple Framework Review

    Wrapping Up

    So there you go!

    I hope you found this Blog Simple Framework review helps you decide on joining the course. Not only will you learn all the essentials to start a blog, but you will also get insight from Scrivs about making your blog successful using strategies and the right action that most marketers won't even share with you.

    Slack community and Facebook group are great addition where you will get direct access to Scrivs to ask him anything on blogging. You can share your blog's progress or ask his opinion. Scrivs loves to help his students and helps them to stay on the right track.

    But before anything, I would suggest taking advantage of his free training BSF Master Workshop and Free Blog Simple Guide. I am sure, you’ll get some great insights on how to take your blog journey forward.

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