Can You Really Make Money Online?



Every day millions of people from all around the world try to find a way to make money online. They do a Google Search, read tons of articles, watch YouTube videos to know about different ways of making money online.

If you are one of them, keep reading as in this article, I will do a reality check and explain what you should expect when you start your Make Money Online Journey.

There are tons of Ways to Make Money Online...But.....

If you have done your preliminary research, I assume you already know that there are hundreds of possible options or ways to make money online. If you don't probably take a look at my article about Passive Income ideas.

However, the most important questions that you should ask yourself are:

  • Are you ready to explore one of these options of making money online?
  • Do you have the required skills, knowledge, prior experience to explore these options further?
  • Given a choice, will you to put your best effort, show some serious commitment to learn a new way to make money online and most importantly will you take action or implement what you have learned?

I know you are super excited to start your online journey, so most likely, your answer will be "yes"  to all these questions

However, let me elaborate all these questions a little bit more so that you get the context!

Are you ready to explore one of these options of making money online?

As I said earlier, making money online is very much possible. But at the same time, you need to understand there could be a hundred different ways to make money online. The question is to what extent are you willing to explore a new income opportunity? Most people are interested in making money online in a shortcut way without doing any hard work. Unfortunately, there is no such shortcut.

So the first question that you should ask yourself is if you are ready to explore a new income opportunity- to understand what this all about, how this works and what you exactly need to do or learn to make money from it?

Do you have the required skills, knowledge, prior experience to explore these options further?

Now this question might sound similar to the first one. But it's not.
So far, you might have read about all the different ways to make money online. You have gained some idea, some knowledge of all these options. You might even selected a few options which you want to explore further.

But here is the question:
What is your level of knowledge for these income options? Are you a complete newbie, expert or someone who has intermediate experience?

This single question will help you build your roadmap and determine the journey you have to take.
Everyone has their own journey.

Let me give you an example.

You are a teacher; you have a lot of experience in classroom teaching. Now if you have to do the same online, your journey will be a little bit different. You already have a teaching experience, you know how to drive a class, interact with students.

Now, you only have to do the same on a virtual mode -in front of a camera, may be learn a few technical things like how to edit the video, but otherwise you 

Now consider another example...

You have decided to become a YouTube Marketer. But you have no idea how to get started; you have not recorded a single video in your life, you don't even know what you should record, let go how to present it and attract visitors. At this point, this is just an idea which you liked, you saw some opportunity in it and want to give it a try.

In this case, your journey will be completely different than the journey of the teacher, which I just mentioned above.

So as you can see, based on your knowledge level your journey can be different from the others, and you have to take this journey if you want to be successful.

Will You Take Action and Implement What you Learnt?

Perhaps this is the most important question of all, and this is where most of the newbies fail.

Will you take action and implement the strategies you learnt?

When it comes to learning new tricks, tips, strategies, hacks people are so interested. They can read hundreds of articles, watch hundreds of videos.

There are often cases where people start with a lot of enthusiasm, energy and effort, but within a few months, if they don't see any result, they give up and quit.

Only a very few people take action, show consistency, out their effort and make it possible.

Unfortunately, this is the hard and sad reality on Internet Marketing, and if you want to step into the world of internet marketing or make money online journey, you should keep this mind.

Now I ask you again. Are your answer for all the three questions above still yes?

If yes, I will share with you when is the best time to get started with your Internet Market Journey.

So, I have checked with the astrologers, numerologist, and they all confirmed the best time to start your online marketing journey is .....


Now, which income options you want to explore, that is entirely up to you. Still, if you are a beginner with no previous experience or technical skill, I would always recommend getting started with affiliate marketing..

Why???? Keep Reading...

Why Affiliate Marketing is the best option when you are starting your Make Money Online Journey as a beginner?

By far Affiliate Marketing is the best way to start your make money online journey. Because:

  • Anyone at any age can start with Affiliate Marketing
  • You don't need any significant upfront investment. All you need is your own website and hosting service, and you are good to go.
  • You don't need your product. You can refer to someone else's products or services and make money from that.
  • You don't need any prior experience for joining Affiliate Marketing. Whatever is required, you can easily learn it in the process of your journey
  • Earning Potential is huge and unlimited. You can earn 70-80% commission, and in some cases, you can even make 100% commission in some cases.
  • Wrapping Up- What Should You Do Next?

    I hope you got a fair idea about how Internet Marketing and how it works. So I would suggest if you are interested in making money online, get serious from day one and be an action taker.

    Here in this blog, I share make money online and affiliate marketing tips. If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, sign up for my Free affiliate marketing course. Do check my other articles where I have shared different other make money online ideas.

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