FeetFinder Review- Is it a Genuine App for Earning Passive Income?

Welcome to my FeetFinder Review.

What if I told you there is a marketplace that will pay you up to $100 for selling your gorgeous leg and feet pics? That's exactly what I will uncover in this review. 

But before that, if you are new to this topic, I will suggest you read my detailed guide first on how to make money by selling feet pics online before reading this post further.

FeetFinder is one of the most popular websites that will let you make money just by selling your feet pics online. Not only that, as a member, you will get a couple of other benefits for using their platforms.

But is it really a legit platform and safe to use? Let's find out.

Disclaimer:  This post contains a few affiliate links, which means when you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read the affiliate disclaimer for more details.

What is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an online marketplace owned by FLRT.LLC that allows you to buy and sell feet and leg pictures. Apart from that, you can also sell feet and leg videos as well using the platform.

This is a perfect platform for both buyers and sellers to get what they are looking for. As a buyer, you can get feet pics for your different projects, Modeling Agencies, News Portals &Magazines, Ad Agencies, Bloggers & Social Media Networks. As a seller, click your feet pics, upload them and make money whenever someone makes a purchase.

The best thing about this platform is, it maintains complete privacy for both buyers and sellers. You don't have to share your details or show your face to join the network.

At present, FeetFinder takes a flat 20% commission towards data security and other maintenance charges. FeetFinder pays its US users through Segpay, whereas other international users are paid through Paxum.

Who can join FeetFinder?

FeetFinder website is primarily for women who want to sell their gorgeous legs and feet pics to make additional income. Right now, the platform is only open in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Is FeetFinder a Legit Platform?

After going through multiple reviews and testimonials from actual users, we can safely conclude, FeetFinder is no doubt a legit website. Thousands of users love the website because of the safety and transparency it offers.

The website is known for its timely payment and seamless support, and the privacy and anonymity it provides its user. The website is very user friendly, and you can get started almost immediately after you sign up and complete your registration process.

Is FeetFinder Safe to use?

FeetFinder is entirely safe to join and use. You must complete their mandatory verification process to get started, ensuring all the participants' trust factors. The website also takes high encryption measures to eliminate any data breaches.

None of your actual information is publicly available, be it your name, phone number or email address. So you can use the platform in complete confidence without the risk of getting your private information exposed.

How to get started with FeetFinder?

Now, let's take a look at how to join FeetFinder in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Create an Account with FeetFinder– To get started, you need to sign up using Gmail, Yahoo or any other personal mail account. The sing up link is located on the homepage of the website.
  • Step 2: Verify Your Profile– Once you signup, you must verify your identity to get started. The profile verification process is straightforward, and all it takes is to upload a selfie of yours with any valid government-issued ID proof.
  • Step 3: Complete The Registration– Once your ID is verified, you must complete a few other credentials to finish the registration process. You need to submit your mail ids, date of birth, and age. However, these data will never be shared or made public.
  • The application is only available to people over 18+ and from the USA, UK, and Canada.

    How can you make money on FeetFinder?

    Apart from the initial registration process, you need to follow a few additional steps to unlock your full earning potential. These are as follows:

    • Step 1: Build a Portfolio-Once you get approved, build a solid portfolio to get attention from potential clients. FeetFinder allows you to upload 1 GB of photos and 10 minutes of videos. However, all your videos and pictures will remain blurred until the customer pays to access them.
    • Step 2: Upgrade Your Account-Upgrade to a premium account to unlock the complete earning potential of this website. Premium subscriptions are available for $24.99/year. A monthly subscription will cost you $2.99/month.

    Apart from the Feet category, You can also upload pictures in different types such as high heels, sandals, foot lotions and others as well.

    Earning Potential on FeetFinder

    The standard feet images are sold at $5/photo. However, many users reported having earned up to $100/photo for their pics. It all depends on the quality of your photos, videos and number and the number of followers on your account.

    Be creative and try to customize your pics as much as possible. Customized pics are more preferred by customers and sold at higher prices.

    Pros and Cons of FeetFinder

    Now, let's have a look at some of the Pros and Cons of the FeetFinder.

    Pros of FeetFinder

  • Solid and Positive Reviews: FeetFinder has over 4+ ratings in all major platforms, including Trustpilot and Glassdoor.
  • 14-Day Trial Period: You get 14 days no question asked trial period. This means, though you need to take a subscription to start selling photos, you can cancel it anytime within 14 days and get your money back if you wish to discontinue.
  • Transparent Process: There are no hidden charges or processing for using the platform. FeetFinder charges a flat 20% commission on every sale you make.
  • Cash Giveaways: This company rewards its active sellers with different cash giveaways. Just stay active using social media profiles, and you could be one of the lucky winners.
  • Complete Control on account: You have full control over your account. If you don't want to use the account anymore, you can close it anytime.
  • Cons of FeetFinder

  • No Android or iOS App: FeetFinder doesn't have an app or an Android or iOS platform, making it difficult for many users to access the platform.
  • Monthly and Yearly Subscription: Apart from the 20% fixed commission for every sale, you also have to pay $2.99/month or a $24.99/year subscription pack to use this platform.
  • Limited Availability: This platform is only available in the USA, UK and Canada. So if you are from another country, you can't join FeetFinder
  • ID Verification Process: You will need to submit your government-issued ID during the account verification, which many people may not be comfortable with. However, rest assured, the company will not share your details with anyone. 
  • FeetFinder Review and Complaints

    We couldn't find any major complaints against FeetFinder. On the contrary, it has over a 4.8+ rating on Trustpilot based on 600 user reviews.

    However, a couple of FeetFinder sellers raised concerns about withdrawing their earnings from the platform. The minimum withdrawal amount is $30 at present.

    FeetFinder Alternatives- Is there other websites?

    Following the success of FeetFinder and few other platforms, several new platforms are launching their marketplace where you can sell feet pics online. However, you need to be extra careful against all the risks you may encounter from these platforms. One such critical risk factor is your privacy.

    Keeping this in mind, we suggest only two alternative platforms that you can check apart from InstaFeet.

    • Instafeet: Another high-paying platform where you make up to $100 for every foot pics you sell.
    • Feetify: A well-known platform that pays $100 per pics. The website has over 20K active members and growing.

    Wrapping Up

    Now, you know everything to get started with FeetFinder. FeetFinder is undoubtedly an excellent option to make passive income, provided you are comfortable sharing your feet pics online.

    However, to be successful on FeetFinder, you need to be active, keep your profile fresh, upload new photos regularly to engage with customers.

    So start taking pics of those gorgeous feet and start sharing online.

    So, that's all for this review, folks! If you are looking for other online income opportunities, read our detailed guide 35+ BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN 2021

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