InstaFeet Review-How to Make Money Online by Selling Your Feet Pics

Welcome to my InstaFeet Review!

InstaFeet is an online marketplace where you can sell your feet pics and make money online. If you haven't heard about this before, I suggest you read my complete guide on selling feet pics and making money online before reading this post any further.

When it comes to selling feet pics online, InstaFeet is one of the oldest and most popular platforms. You can simply upload your gorgeous feet pics online and make money whenever someone buys them. read it right!...only feet pics. No sharing your full pic or something with which you are not comfortable with. do you even get started? Keep reading, as I am going to cover everything step by step in this Instafeet review.

What Is InstaFeet?

Instafeet is an online marketplace to buy and sell feet pics. It was established in 2017 by a Santa Clara-based company operated by Fabian Lejsek.

Sell feet pics online

The platform has more than 100k registered members who are actively searching to buy and sell feet pics. To get started, you must be just 18 years old. Unlike FeetFinder, you don't have to pay any subscription fee or commission for selling your feet pics. However, all the buyers need to pay a nominal subscription fee of $20 to view and download the feet pics.

Is Instafeet a Legit Website?

After doing our initial research and reviewing multiple reviews, we can safely assume InstaFeet is a legit platform. The platform is safe to use, and you can sell your feet pics without any problem. And...if you are a buyer, you can purchase and download without any hassle.

However, there are a few downsides to this as well. First of all, the website doesn't have transparent ID verification guidelines, neither they have mentioned any timeline to confirm the verification process. It can take from a day or two to several weeks, and you might have to do several follow-ups in some cases.

A few users also reported slow sever response and high loading time of the website.

Is Instafeet Safe? How to keep Your InstaFeet Account Safe?

As mentioned earlier, InstaFeet is completely safe platform. As a user, you don't have to share any personal information or show your pics.
Apart from that, it would be best to keep in mind a couple of additional points to keep your account further safe.

  • Never use your real name on the platform. Go with an alias or at most initials to keep your identity hidden
  • Do not share personal information like address and phone number with anyone, no matter how much people insist
  • Take extra care when taking your feet pics. Don't reveal too much background, locations, surrounding and make it easier for your subscriber to pinpoint your location
  • Always use a watermark, initials or screenname to keep your photos safe from theft
  • Do not encourage casual subscribers or people who appear very friendly and want to more about you. It's not a dating platform. Keep it professional.
  • Always use secure platforms like PayPal to keep your identity and transactions safe. Mobile payments often use real name and your identity can be exposed or compromised.

How Does InstaFeet Work?

InstaFeet joining process may look a little complicated at first glance. So, to make it easier, I have explained this in simple steps.

To get started, you need to open a seller account and complete the verification process. Once your profile is verified, upload a few photos of yourself to maximize your profile reach. Set a standard subscription rate of $10/month. You can also change it as per your preference.

Whenever someone subscribes to your profile, you will get your payment either on the 1st or 15th of the month. The payments are mostly done through PayPal; however, other payment methods are also available.

Let' see each of these steps in detail.

How to Sell Your Feet Pictures on InstaFeet?

Step 1 – Create Your Account 

InstaFeet is only available for women. To get started, you need to complete your registration using the signup page.

To complete the signup, here are what you need:

  • Your Complete Name and Address details
  • Email Address (Gmail or Yahoo)
  • A recent selfie of yours. The pic should be visible and not blurred
  • Minimum of three clear pictures of your feet
  • The verification process can take 1 to 3 weeks.

    Step 2 – Upload Your Sample Pics

    Once your account is approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation from the moderators. Then, log in using your credential and post at least 5 clear images of your feet. You can even submit more photos to reach out to most customers.

    Step 3 – Set a Subscription Fee

    Set a subscription fee for your profile from $5 to $100 as per your choice and profile freshness. But profiles below $10 will attract more subscribers, especially if you are new. The average subscription fee in FeetFinder is $9.99.

    Step 4 – Generate a Custom Link

    Once you complete all the steps above, you’ll get a custom link for your profile in your email. If you need to change your username, you can also do that at a later stage.

    Step 5 – Share Your Link And Earn

    Start posting your custom link to the social media profiles like Instagram, Ticktock, Snapchat forums to reach out to potential customers. However, make sure you don't use your real identity to avoid any safety related issues.

    How Much Can I Make on InstaFeet?

    You can charge anywhere between $5 and $100 per pic. This means, with a base of 10 subscribers, you can earn about $100 per month if you charge $10 each. With 100 subscribers, your earning will be $1k.

    InstaFeet will take a 10% commission of your subscription for using their platform. Overall your income potential is based on how your profile is performing and how many subscribers you have.

    How to Get Paid On Instafeet?

    InstaFeet has multiple payment methods to withdraw your monthly income. However, PayPal is the most preferred payment option of all the users.

    Women Feet Pics lying on Bed

    The earning potential of your account, however, depends on multiple factors, which are as follows:

  • Number of followers for your account
  • The subscription pack, your followers, have opted for
  • Your social media presence
  • Most InstaFeet sellers make $500-$1k in the beginning. However, with positive reviews and growing subscribers, it can go higher in no time.

    Instafeet Reviews and Feedback

    Unlike FeetFinder, InstaFeet allows women from all over the world. However, most of its users are from USA and Canada.

    InstaFeet holds an overall 2.3 rating on Trustpilot, which is considered average. Apart from this, you can also find detailed reviews of InsaFeet on social networking platforms like Reddit and Quora.

    Racheal Mended, an Australia based user of this platform, shared her positive feedback on FeetFinder. She is currently making around $4k from this platform every month. You can check her earning and withdrawal details from here.

    However, a few users have also reported on the security and identity theft issue of this platform. For example, here is a Reddit post where a user has highlighted the document theft issue. However, InstaFeet has denied any such allegations and confirmed that their data is not shared with any third parties.

    Instafeet Alternatives: Is there any Other App to Sell Feet Pics?

    Selling Feet Pics has gained immense popularity in recent years. InstaFeet is one of the first few platforms that came with this unique concept. However, a few other platforms have also followed suit and launched their platforms.

    Here are a few other platforms you can also consider for selling feet pics.

  • FeetFinder: Another popular platform where an average feet photo sells at $22/photo. You can also sell feet videos at $19/video in this platform. Read our complete FeetFinder Review.
  • DollarFeet: Sell your feet pics for $5/pic. You can also earn $10 for a 5-minute video
  • Feetify: With over 160k+ registered users and 2k+ premium feet models, you can expect to earn $1k+/month by selling your feet pics and videos
  • OnlyFans: This platform is not limited to feet pics. You can share any pics and video with your subscribers for a monthly subscription fee
  • Wraping Up

    So, there you go!

    InstaFeet is a fantastic platform where you can flaunt your beautiful feet and earn some extra cash. If you are lucky, you might also get key contacts of clients who are looking full-time feet model.

    However, keep in mind, these types of platforms are full of creeps and fake users. So keep your account safe and don't share any personal details with anyone. Keep your interaction brief and strictly professional.

    That's all for this post. If you are looking for other online income opportunities, read our detailed guide 35+ BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE IN 2021

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