Is Blogging a Complete Waste of Time?

Let's  be honest here. Blogging is not for everyone!

For some people it's going to work, for some it will not.

So in the next couple of months, some of you will be asking this question for sure! You are not getting the results you were looking for. Forget about five figure income! You are barely making any income at all.

You have spent hours writing an article and now that you have published it, you are hardly getting any readers. 

So what are you doing wrong? Are you wasting your time here? What should you do now?

That's what we look into in this post.

Successful Bloggers vs Random Bloggers

For a long time, I did one common mistake most bloggers make—writing without an audience. I was writing randomly without knowing who my target readers are, who am I intending my articles for.

I was posting random articles, hoping to get tons and tons of traffic to my website. But it didn't happen. Why? Because I was doing exactly the opposite of what Successful Bloggers are doing. I was writing articles and then searching for people (any random people) who would ready my articles.

And this made all the difference!

Successful Bloggers always focus on the audience side first. They find their audience, try to understand what they want to read and then create their articles. They are not going after any random people; rather, their audience is very focused, people who would love to read what these bloggers will post.

When your audience problem is solved, you don't have to worry about anything else. No more guesswork. All you need to do is keep posting helpful articles, your audience is waiting!

How to Stop Wasting Your Time?

Now that you understand the importance of audience, what successful bloggers do, let's see how you can cater to your audience's requirements.

What does this mean? This means, not all of your audience is at the same level where you are. For example, you may be writing an article about advanced cryptocurrency algorithms. But a reader who is just starting may find it difficult. He is not even sure what cryptocurrency is and how does it work.

Know Your Audience Knowledge Level

So, imagine yourself in Level 2, where you are an expert (or somewhat expert!). So whenever you are writing an such advanced articles, two things will happen:

  • People who are with you at the same level might find it insignificant. They are already aware of the topic. So they might move on to something better
  • People who are one level below you- well! they might still try to understand it, but it will be like Rocket Science to them!
  • So any time you are writing a topic, always start at the fundamental level.....even when you know there are probably hundreds of articles already available online on different websites.

    Why? For mainly two reasons:

  • You don't want your readers to jump from your site to another site to get their basics clear and then come back to your site when they are with your level. Not only this will create a negative impression, but it will also cost you a lot of traffic and revenue. You want your website to be a one-stop destination for your readers
  • On Internet space, no article is perfect. No matter how well an article is written, you can always make a better version of it. You can always read the best articles available in the market, analyze what it lacks and add fresh perspectives to that further
  • Remember, all you need is to write your own version, no matter if something is already available or not.

    But there's so many articles on this topic...

    Let me give you an example. In this blog, I mainly write about how to make money online.....and there are thousands of bloggers out there who are in the same niche. Do you know what will be the post that all of these blogs (including me) have in common?

    It is, How to start a Blog. No matter what your niche is, anyone having a blog has covered this topic at one point of time.

    So why did we bother to write it again?

    Because we knew how readers would need to learn about setting a blog first, before they could start writing their first post. And... If you don't have a blog yet, why are you even writing your post?

    So, that's the first thing we did. We checked every top post on how to set up a blog and analyzed these articles. One common thing which we noticed was that no one put the effort to make it a single post, where you will get it all. You need to jump between articles and get the info in bits and pieces.

    We saw a massive improvement opportunity in this.

    That's why we came up with our own epic version of How to Start a Blog in any Niche. This single 15,000+ words will cover everything you need to set up your blog. 

    But of course, we don't claim it to be the best article on the internet space. May be your article could be way better than this. But, there is no way you should skip writing a post, thinking there's plenty already available out there on the same topic.

    Promoting Your Articles on the Right Platform

    When it comes to promoting your content, the most common suggestions are that you share this on social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit etc.

    So that's what you do.... the moment you publish a post, you start promoting it on different Facebook Groups, Instagram and different subreddits. But you are not getting the amount of attention or traffic you expected.

    So what went wrong?

    There could be a couple of things.

    First of all, don't expect, just because you posted it on a Facebook Group, everyone will come and visit your website. That's not going to happen.

    Second, wrong audience group. You have written a great post on Keto Dieting, but you will hardly get noticed if you share that with a group that mainly talks about home gardens. Maybe a few people will still follow it, but most will find it irrelevant and skip it. And worse...some might even flag it as spam.

    Relevance is the key here.

    Post your articles on the right Facebook Groups and Pinterest Boards. This will have many advantages.

    First, your articles are now seen by a relevant audience, so your clickthrough rate will increase. Secondly, you will spike the number of followers on Pinterest, and in some cases, board owners might even add you to their Group Board so that you can share your post to a larger audience.

    Third, Other Blog owners even reach out for collaboration.

    Always remember, 10 relevant visitors is always better than 100 random people coming to your website—quality matters. For example, if your website is about Blogging, then these are the Best Facebook Groups to promote your articles and drive relevant traffic to your blog.

    Wrapping Up

    I get it. You are creating a blog for the first time, and you want it to be absolutely perfect. You want to make a big impression. May by you are even trying to do something innovative as well...and this is where you are getting wrong.

    You are trying too much, and in the process, you are making your Blogging journey complicated than it needs to be. However, when it comes to serving your audience, you just need to stick to the plain simple formula I explained above.

    Write content that your audience is searching for, and once you do, make sure you promote it to the relevant audience.

    Anything excess you do, would be a complete waste of time and will not result anything fruitful.

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