How to Join Amazon Affiliate Network and Make Money Online

In this post, I will explain how to join Amazon affiliate network and monetize your website.

So, you have already created epic posts, shared a ton of valuable contents for your reader. In my previous post, I explained how to create epic SEO-friendly articles using profitable keywords.

But where do you get those affiliate links? The answer- Affiliate Network and this what this post is all about.

There are so many affiliate networks. Almost all the big companies now have their own Affiliate Program. But in this post, I will mainly focus Amazon Affiliate Network as it is the most popular Affiliate network in the world.

So..let's get started!

What is Amazon Affiliate Network?

The Amazon Affiliate program, commonly known as Amazon Associates, is an affiliate marketing program. The program is free for bloggers and website owners.

Once you sign up, you can advertise products from on your website by creating links. When customers click the links and buy products from Amazon, they earn referral fees.

For example, if you have written a detailed article on the 10 Best DSLR Cameras, you should mention the links for all those cameras for your reader. If your readers follow your link and buy any product, you make a commission.

How to Join Amazon Affiliate Network?

First of all, you need to have your own website to qualify for Amazon Affiliate program. So, the complete process of Amazon Affiliate Program is:

  • Create Your Blog or Website
  • Join the Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Create Your Amazon Associate Profile
  • Create and use Amazon Links on your blog
  • #Create Your Blog or Website

    As mentioned above, You need to have an active website, blog, app, or YouTube channel to join the affiliate program. If you don't have a blog yet, I suggest you read my detailed step by step guide on how to start a blog before reading this article any further.

    It will also help if you post a few relevant articles on your blog to make it look more active and authentic to your readers and Amazon.

    During the application process, you have to describe the purpose of your blog. So it's better to have an idea of your niche, what type of content you will write and how you plan to traffic to your website.

    #Joining the Amazon Associate Program

    Once you are ready with your website, it's time to join the Amazon Affiliate Program. To enter, visit the Amazon Associates homepage and click on the "Join Now for Free". 

    This will take you to the login page. If you have an existing account with Amazon, you can use the same credentials to join Amazon Associate Program. If not, you will be prompted to create a new account.

    Amazon Associate Program

    #Create Your Amazon Associate Profile

    There are a couple of steps in this, so let's take a look at them one by one.

    Once you create a new account with name, email address and password, you need to enter further details such as, address, phone number of the payee etc.

    This will take you to the next screen where you will need to mention website names, apps or  YouTube channels, etc.

    Amazon Associate Website and Mobile App

    In the next screen, you need to mention a store ID), explain what your websites are all about, and select Amazon categories you will promote.

    Next, you will need to explain how you will drive traffic to your websites to generate income- what method you use for link building and your estimated traffic per month.

    Amazon Affiliate Traffic

    In the final step, you have to enter your phone number and press "Call Me Now,". You will get a call from Amazon immediately. You will also get a four-digit code which you have to confirm over. Once it is complete, your account will be ready for use.

    You will also need to mention your Payment Method and Tax Information. But, you can do this step later as well. I have explained this in detail 

    How to create Amazon Links for Your Blog?

    There are different ways to get Amazon Links from the Amazon Associate Platform.

    First, You can search link by Product Id or keywords. For Product ads you can select from three different types of products- Text Ads, Image Ads, Image & text ads together.

    Amazon Product Ads

    Apart from this, you can also use Rotating Banners which will keep updating with latest products.

    Amazon Banner Ads

    Amazon also uses native ads which are also a great way to earn additional income from your website.

    Amazon Native Ads

    Amazon Associate Program also has Bounty Programs where you can earn additional commission for promoting products like Amazon Prime Subscriptions, Baby Registry, Audible etc.

    Amazon Bounty Program

    Additionally, you can also give additional promo codes to your customers to buy products from you. Amazon will provide you with these unique promo codes to get more customers to your website.

    Amazon Site Stripes

    Amazon also gives a more straightforward way to generate Amazon Affiliate Links is by using the SiteStripe bar. The Amazon SiteStripes shows up on product pages when you're logged in to your Amazon Affiliate Panel.

    Amazon SiteStripes Bar

    Amazon Affiliate One Links

    Amazon One Link is a script-based solution from Amazon to help you monetize your international traffic from countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, neighbouring countries, and the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada.

    For example, you have joined under Amazon US Affiliate Program but you got a visitor from Canada. Whenever that visitor clicks on the link on your page, Amazon's smart script will redirect that visitor back to Amazon Canada Website. Now, if that visitor ends up buying something from Amazon Canada Website, you will also earn a commission from Amazon Canada Affiliate Program as well.

    Amazon Associates One Link

    To use this feature, you will also need to join the Amazon Canada Affiliate Program and mention that link on your Amazon One Link Section.

    Amazon Global Earnings Report

    You can check your earnings from different Amazon Affiliate Programs (Countries) from the Global Earning Report that is available inside Affiliate panel.

    How to Give Your Website a Professional Look with Amazon Affiliate Links?

    There are many Amazon Affiliate Plugins which help you to give your website a more professional look. Amazon has its own image codes and text which work just fine. But, if you want to make your website more enticing, you can also look for these options as well.

    Let me give you an example...

    This is how the Amazon Image Links work on your website.

    Amazon Affiliaite Link Image Ads

    Now, let's look at the same product created with a Plugin called Aawp.

    Aawp Amazon Ads

    Can you see the difference?

    The second options look much better, more appealing. Hence your visitor will be more likely to click on this than the traditional links. I have been using Amazon Aawp Plugin on a couple of websites, and the clickthrough rate and sales are much higher high for me.

    Conclusion: How to Rank your Website?

    There is no point in writing an amazing post and monetize it with affiliate links if you can't rank it on the first page of Google. In my previous article, I explained some of the key points you should take care of while writing your review post.

    Apart from this, you can also check the other On Page and Off Page SEO factors which I have explained in the previous guide on How to Start a Blog.

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