Launch Jacking: How to Make Money from New Product Launches



Many affiliates are doing launch jacking nowadays with the belief that it is one of the easiest ways to earn an affiliate commission. While that is true, but at the same time you need to understand it's not about just posting a review and expect that money will be coming to you...that's not going to happen.

There are a couple of steps involved when it comes to launch jacking, and you have to follow all of them if you want to be successful.Ā 

In this article, I will explain all the steps that you need to follow to do a successful launch jacking and how you can earn your first affiliate commission.

Let's get started!

What is Launch Jacking?

Every day thousands of new software, info course products, ebooks are getting launched in the market by multiple vendors. There are hundreds of affiliate marketers who are supporting these launches by doing a review on their blog, letting other people know about this launches through the email campaign.

Most of these affiliate marketers either have an established website with substantial daily traffic or massive email subscribers list.

So whenever a new product is about to be launched, affiliate marketers send emails or publish reviews about them and get a lot of attention. People get interested in those products and start reading more about them on different other websites and especially on YouTube.

This is where Launch Jacking comes into the picture, and you can take advantage of it.

The concept of Launch Jacking is simple!

In Launch Jacking, all you need to is to create your review video and post it on YouTube. So whenever someone comes on YouTube and search for that particular product, they will see your review video. Inside your video, you will have your affiliate link, and if the person watching the video buys the product using your link, you will earn a commission.

How to get started with Launch Jacking?

Anyone can do launch jacking. You can begin with launch jacking at any age; you don't need any specific skill or technical skill. As long as you have the following three things, you are ready to get started.

  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Internet Connection
  • Your willingness to put some effort and take this seriouslyĀ 

Hundreds of new affiliates are currently doing launch jacking, and they are earning up to $100- $150 per day in the beginning.

Keep reading as I will explain the entire process of Launch Jacking step by step.

Launch Jacking: Step by Step Process

Step 1: Join the Affiliate Network

The first step of Launch Jacking is finding an offer to promote. As I mentioned earlier, every month, thousands of new products are launched by different affiliate marketers. These products are launched on major platforms like Warrior Plus, JvZoo or Clickbank.

So the first thing that you need to do is join these three websites. Here are the links for the websites.

Step 2: Find Offers to Promote

In this step, you will need to go to a website which is called Muncheye. Muncheye is web calendar which will have the list of the all upcoming and previous launches.

From Muncheye, you will get all the details of the upcoming launch. As a beginner, you might feel it a bit difficult to figure out which offer to promote or skip.


So, there are two easy steps that you can follow just to start with the launch jacking.

  • Go for offers which are offering Cash Prizes as well commission
  • Take a look at the previous launches; you will see some of the common names, who have previously launched and keep launching new products regularly. As a beginner, you should start with products of these internet marketers, because most of the affiliate marketers will promote their products, so as you will have the better chance to be successful in promoting these products.
  • To understand a product and how much they are offering as commission, you need to see two sections.Ā 

    • Sales Page
    • JV Page
    • Sales Page: Sales Page will give you an idea what the product is all about, benefits, price and the bonuses the users will be getting from the product. This is the page the customers will see when they come to buy the product
    • JV Page:Ā JV Page will have all the information, details, launch date, promo material, email swipes, commission details and all other information that you will need to promote it. JV page will also have the affiliate request link. In order to promote the product, first you will need to get affiliate link approval from the vendor.Ā 

    I will explain this more in the next section

    Step 3: Apply for the Affiliate Link

    The next step in this to apply for the affiliate link and get approval. In most of the cases, you will find the link for the affiliate request inside the JV page.

    If you are just starting it, you might find it difficult getting approval for many of these offers because not all the vendors will allow you to promote their products when you have no prior experience of reviewing products. However, many vendors will allow you to do a review. Every week 10-20 products are being launched, so there will be plenty of opportunities.

    Step 4: Getting Review Access

    Getting a review copy is a must if you want to have a full understanding of the product. This will also help you to make a demo to put in the review video and share it with your audience.Ā 

    Most of the time, you will get the review access details inside the JV page. If it is not available inside the JV Page, you can always contact the vendor, and they will give it for you.

    Step 5: Equipment you will need

    As I mentioned earlier, you don't need much equipment to start recording your YouTube Video. As long as you have a laptop with a webcam, you are good to go. For the screen recording, you can use different software like Camtasia, Screencast O Matic.

    Camtasia is not free, Screencast-o-Matic is free software, but with the version, you can record up to 15 minutes.

    OBS Studio is another fantastic software which you can use to record your video. This is open-source software and completely free.Ā 

    Step 6: Making the Review

    Now it's time to record your review video.
    In general, your review video should be structured in the following way:

    Source: Freepik

    • Introduction about the Product: Start your video by giving a little bit of information about you- Your name, Your website name and what you are going to review in the video. (1 Minute)
    • Launch date and time: Mention the launch time and date, how many days launch, when will it end (30 Seconds)
    • Preview of your Bonus Page: (if you have any): Most affiliate marketers offer some additional bonuses relevant to the product to their visitors. You will also need your own bonuses to attract your visitors and buy from you. (30 Seconds)
    • Features and Benefits of the Product: Explain the product features, benefits, what are the different things it can do and how it will benefit (3-4 Minutes)
    • Walkthrough the sales page: Walk through the rest of the sales page, highlight the key points on the Sales Page (2-3 Minutes)
    • Demo: Walk them through the software/training program, give a quick review of all the training modules. If it is a software, show them what the different options available inside (2- 3 Minutes)
    • Bonuses, Price and Upgrade Option: Your Bonus section is very important. This will be one of the key factors that will decide if your visitor is going to buy from you or not. Explain your bonus page as much as possible. Once this is done, walk them through the price and upgrade options available. (3-4 Mins)
    • Wrapping up: Give a quick summary of the entire thing, Launch and end date, about your bonus page and most importantly ask them to like, share and subscribe to your channel. (1 Min)

    Overall, the ideal review video should be 10-15 minutes. Your audience might lose interest if it is more than that.

    Step 7: Upload the video on YouTube

    Now that your video is recorded, it is now time to make some modifications or edit your video and upload it on Youtube. To upload your video on YouTube, you need to go to YoutTube Studios and put your video over there. Once it is uploaded, you need to make it public and publish the video. Once this is done, it will be available on YouTube, and people can see it online.

    YouTube Logo

    Source: PNGTree

    Step 8: Share it on Different Social Media.

    Once your video is uploaded and published on YouTube, you need to share it across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter etc. This will help you not only in getting more viral traffic to your website, your chances of getting more engagement and new subscribers will also depend on this.

    When you are just starting with your new YouTube Channel, you will need a lot of engagements and subscribers if you want to rank your videos on YouTube. Social Media is a great way to get all those social media traffic and give your profile the initial boost.

    Launch Jacking: Conclusion

    So there you go, these are all the basic necessary steps that you need to know about Launch Jacking. With these, you can get started with your launch jacking journey and promote newly launches training programs and software to make money online.

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