LeadsLeap Review- The Complete Guide

Welcome to my Leadsleap Review.

In this post, I will do a complete review of Leadsleap, a web-based service that will help you to create your potential buyer list, promote your affiliate products and at the same time help you make money from it.

And the best part? It's completely free.

What is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap is a renowned website to generate traffic and list building. Most people see as a PTC or traffic exchange site. But there is more to that. LeadsLeap is also an advertising network and offers multiple free tools to promote your offer or website.

LeadsLeap was launched in 2008 by Kenneth Koh from Singapore. Over the years, the site has grown exponentially and gained a lot of users.

As I mentioned earlier, the site is completely free to use (although they have a pro membership too!) . So if you are a member yet, I would strongly recommend to go ahead and create your free account.

Let's take a look in detail what LeadsLeap can do for you!




How to Make Money from LeadsLeap?

Make Money for Surfing Ads

You can make money from LeadsLeap by surfing ads. If you think this a similar to other ad exchange sites, you are not completely right.

Here is why!
LeadsLeap is not only an exchange site, it is an advertising network too. Now, if your objective is only to make money, you can simply surf their ads and earn credit. Once you have sufficient credits on your account, you can redeem it for cash.

Unlike other PTC websites, you don't have to buy ad packs or neither you have any restrictions on how much ads you can see every day. You can watch as many ads as you wish.

If you want to promote your website or any offer, you can also use the credit to promote them. If you want to promote anything on LeadsLeap platform, you will need credit and to earn credit you need to view ads every day.

LeadsLeap Adviewer

If you don't want to advertise your own products, keep watching as many ads as possible to accumulate credits for cash.

This is what will earn for surfing ads:

  • You can watch as many ads as you want.
  • If you watch less than 10 ads per day you will still keep the credits for advertising or encash it later when the payment threshold will be reached. But you won't earn on that day.
  • The is no timer on the ads. The more seconds you spend watching an ad, the more credits you will earn. If you visit an ad or upline messages, you’ll earn 0.2 credits after 5 seconds. After that, you’ll earn 0.1 credits for every 5 seconds of watching, and it can go up to 3 minutes. ( Note: Opening a page and keeping it open for 3 minutes without interaction will not earn for the entire 3 minutes. The system tracks the real surfing period. Once you have 50 credits, you can encash the credit for 0.10$.
  • You can also earn credits by rating the other ads/messages or by reporting all the broken ads.
  • Except for credit encashment, all your credits earned on a particular day will be used to calculate your daily earnings. LeadsLeap shares 5-10% of it’s daily earnings with its users. As a free member, you will earn 5%, and 10% if you are a Pro Member. So you can earn 0.01$ in a day for the minimum 5-second visit of 10 ads.
  • All unused credits will expire after 6 months. Make sure you encash your all your credits as soon as you reach 50 if you don’t want to spend them for advertising purposes.




Earn from Your Referrals

LeadsLeap has a very powerful referral system, and as a member, you can make up to 50% recurring commission. If you are a free member, you will earn 25%. As a pro member, you will earn 50%

You will also earn overriding credits from your referrals whenever they watch any ad. The referral system is 10- level deep. This means if you refer 20 people, you can earn 10-levels of overriding credits.

LeadsLeap Referral Bonus

LeadsLeap has a 10-level downline builder system. Your direct personal referral is your level 1. If your level 1 team refers other people, they are your level 2 and so on.

Pro members will also have access to a spillover level. Each member in LeadsLeap theoretically has 10 uplines. However, not all the members have 10 referrals because some of their uplines might have cancelled their accounts. As a result, there will be ‘vacant’ upline slots. All these slots will be allocated to other Pro Members automatically by the system. This is called the Spillover Level. Your spillover referrals will stay yours forever even if you cancel the pro subscription.

LeadsLeap also has a unique downline message system where you can set up ad-like messages. All your downlines or referrals will get to see this message in their membership dashboard and emails.
This is another great way to promote your products. Your referrals will earn extra credit when they see these messages.




Earn from LeadsLeap Widget on Your Website

If you a website, you can earn extra money by putting LeadsLeap widget on your website. To do this, you need to create an ad widget, get the code and put it on your website. A step by step guide is also available if you are not sure how to do set this up.

Your widget earning will depend on the quantity and quality of the traffic that will click on the ads and engage with those ads. If more people click the ads and watch it for a longer duration, you will make more money.

How to Use LeadsLeap Ad Widget to earn Money

In general, LeadsLeap shares up to 30% of their advertising revenue with their members, who send non-member third party traffic through their widgets. As a free member, you will earn 15% and as a Pro Member, you can earn up to 30%. All the revenues are calculated and credited to your LeadsLeap account on a weekly basis.

There is one concern that whenever a user clicks on an ad, they will leave your website, and it will take them to a different website. However, in reality, all the ads will open in a new window, so your visitors will never leave your website.

So this is what you can expect from the LeadsLeap Widget!

  • You can earn extra credits whenever someone clicks on an from the widget from your website
  • Once you add a LeadsLeap widget on your websites, your own ads will also start appearing on other members' websites.
  • You can customize the links in any way you want. You can match the colour of this widget as per your website theme. Additionally, the widget is mobile responsive. This means the ad size will be auto-adjusted to match mobile screen.
  • If your website is hosted through WordPress, you can easily install LeadsLeap widget through a plugin
  • Unlike Google Adsense, you can start monetizing almost instantly once you install the widget
  • How to Run Your Ads on LeadsLeap?

    LeadsLeap offers two different types of ads. These are Credit ads and Pro Ads.

    #Credit Ads

    Credit Advertising is a free advertising method that is available both free and paid members. To run Credit-Ads, you need credits. You can earn credits by viewing other ads in the network or through the referral program.

    As a member, you can post a credit ad as long as you have 1 credit. As a free member, you can post a maximum of 3 ads. If you a pro member, the limit is 10.

    Here is what you should know about Credit Ads.

    • LeadsLeap doesn't have a mandatory surfing period unlike other ad networks. In fact, they pay more credit to members if they watch an ad for a longer period. This is a win-win for both the advertiser and the member. A member will get more credit, there is no time rush. So they will spend more time exploring the ads. This has a better chance of conversion
    • The duration of a Credit ad is 14 days. So if you have more credits on your account, it will be shown to to more people
    • If you put a Ad Widget on your website, your ads will be shown other LeadsLeap members' website on their ad widget. This means, you will get an opportunity to show your ads who are coming to visit those website and probably not a LeadsLeap member. This has also a better chance of conversion
    • Average spending to show an ad for 5 seconds in only 0.4 credit

    #Pro Ads

    LeadsLeap also has a Pro Advertising option which is available only for Pro Members. Pro Ads don't require any ad credit, and these ads are shown 24/7 throughout the LeadsLeap network. Asa Pro Member, you can post 10 Pro Ads on your LeadsLeap Profile.

    Let's take a look at some of the features of Pro Ads:

    • Pro Ads will always get higher priority than the credit ads
    • Pro Ads don't have any expiration date
    • You don't need any credit to run pro ads, so you will get unlimited traffic
    • Pro Ads don't require any review process. Your ads are approved almost instantly and shown to the network
    • Your Pro Ads will also be sent to the daily emails that LeadsLeap send to their members
    • Pro Ads are also shown on other members' website. One benefit here is that even if you don't have any widget on your website, LeadsLeap will still show your ads on the other member's widget




    LeadsLeap Free Marketing Tools

    Apart from that, LeadsLeap offers a lot of tools to promote your offer and build your email list. The best part is these tools are completely free.

    Let's take a look at these tools as well.

    #The Real Tracker (TRT)

    The Real Tracker or TRT is a free link tracking service provided by LeadsLeap. As an affiliate or Internet Marketer, it is crucial to know which of your offers are performing well. LeadsLeap TRT service lets you track the effectiveness of any particular offer or URL you want to track.

    All you need to do is to add your url to the tracker.

    LeadsLeap The Real Tracker

    Through TRT, you will get the info about the metrics such as: total clicks on your ad, Number of unique visits, real visits (if people have watched your ad for more than 5 seconds), conversion of your ads, surfing duration, traffic source and the country from where you got the traffic.

    LeadsLeap TRT statistics

    TRT is a great tool and alternative for members who do not have their own website but still want to take the benefit of the LeadsLeap widget. You can customize the tracker further.

    If you wish, you can also enable LeadsLeap ad to be shown to your tracker link. You can also add a pop up to your tracker. This will help you to build your email list as well without putting any additional effort.

    I will explain more about the Pop Up services later!


    TRT has another useful feature which is known as TRT rotator. You can assign multiple links to the rotator. Whenever a user clicks on the rotator, he will be sent to one of the links randomly.

    LeadsLeap Rotator

    As a premium member, you will get a few more other features like link customization. Rotator is very effective if you want to do a split testing on your website.

    #Ad Bars

    You can also LeadsLeap Ad bar on your TRT link. Whenever someone clicks on your ad, LeadsLeap will show this ad bar to them.

    LeadsLeap Ad Bar

    You can also set a countdown timer to your ad bar and decide how long you want it to be shown.


    You can also create amazing pop-ups using LeadsLeap's free tool PopupXpert. You can create different kinds of lead widgets using PopupXpert such as slide up bar, exit pop up, corner slider, animated end-of-post-opt-in form and many more.

    LeadsLeap PopupXpert

    Let's take a look at some of the unique features of PopupXpert, which are as follows:

    • You can customize the widget as per your preference like target groups
    • You can create any new design using the PopupXpert tool
    • You can create responsive widgets for different devices such as mobile, desktop
    • You can use PopupXpert to do split testing
    • You can also create different types of widgets as per your WordPress Categories, Pages or Posts.

    #Free Autoresponder

    Unlike premium autoresponder tools like GetResponse, Aweber, LeadsLeap doesn't have the system where you can send a series of follow up emails to your subscribers. Instead, it sends your subscribers a one follow up email to confirm their subscription. This is commonly known as double-optin.

    #Social Reviews

    LeadsLeap has a fantastic review system, where you can review different products or services and share your experience. While doing this, you can also mention your affiliate link.

    All the LeadsLeap member and non-members can see this review. As a pro member, you can set five social reviews. These reviews will also be available to your downline and on your own profile.




    LeadsLeap Pros and Cons

    This review will be incomplete if I don't highlight the Key Pros and Cons of the platform.  So Let's take a look.


    • Free Joining: LeadsLeap is completely free to join. Members from all around the world can join this program and stay as a free member as long as they want. There is no obligation to become a paid member.
    • Established site: LeadsLeap is a well-established website which started in 2008 and still growing strong
    • Unlimited referralsYou can have unlimited referrals under you. There are 10 level referrals, and the spillover level will also increase your earning potential.
    • No Surfing Restriction: There is no restriction in ad surfing. You can watch as many ads as you want. There is no minimum surfing duration. You earn more if you spend 3 minutes watching per ad.
    • Free Marketing Tools: As a member, you will get access to a lot of free marketing tools.
    • Unique advertising product: As a member, you will not be forced to watch an ad for a specific time. If they find an ad interesting, you can spend more time watching. If you are an advertiser, it will increase your conversions.


    • Compulsory ads: To qualify for your daily earnings, you have to watch at least 10 ads every day. However, it will not take more than 5 minutes per day.
    • High Minimum Payout: You can withdraw your earning only when you have a balance of $10
    • High Upgrade Price: LeadsLeap has an upgrade plan available, which is as high as $27 per month




    LeadsLeap Upgrade Option

    As mentioned earlier, LeadsLeap also has a upgrade plan. Here is what you get as a pro member.

    LeadsLeap Pro Plan




    Conclusion: Should You join LeadsLeap ?

    LeadsLeap is one of the best advertising network available online. This is the only platform where you can advertise your offers and you can also earn at the same time.

    LeadsLeap is more effective for promoting make money products. Since the other LeadsLeap members are also into the Make Money Online niche, you will have competitors promoting the same offers as you.

    However, since you will be in a network of like-minded people, you will get a chance to promote your offers to a more targeted audience.

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