List Lion Program: Complete Review – Is it worth joining?

Welcome to this List Lion Program Review. 

If you have been thinking about starting your make money online journey for some time now and came across this program, you are in the right place. 

In this post, I will do a complete review of the List Lion Program. I am a VIP Member of the List Lion for the last couple of months. I have completed all the training, got access to all the tools and personally tested all their different program features, tools and platforms. 

So, rest assured that this is not like any other review where I will just cover the basic features and contents. I will give you a complete insight of the program.

Without wasting much time on the intro, let's get started.

What is List Lion Program?

List lion is an affiliate marketing training program founded by Randy Maher designed for both beginners or new affiliates as well as experienced affiliate marketers. From the name, it might sound like it has something to do about building a list, especially an email list building and it's true.

However, the program is much more than that.

The program has a wide range of training inside it that can help anyone to get complete guidance in building their online business. Where there are many programs, that focus on a very specific area of Online business or make money online opportunity, List Lion gives you overall guidance so that you can leverage multiple platforms and maximize your revenue.

Let's see how it works and what are the different levels inside it.

List Lion Program- Different Levels

The program is delivered in a video course format. It has 3 different levels and each of them have their own benefits. One good thing about these videos is they are short and to the point and easy to follow. It is not full with so many technical jargons that will leave you overwhelmed.

  • 5 Day Challenge
  • List Lion Monthly Program
  • List Lion VIP Program

List Lion 5 Day Challenge

  • Day 1: Learn 3 simple yet powerful 3 step-system to make daily commissions online. On Day 1, Randy will explain the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, what are things you need and what are the 3 simple steps you should follow. This is to help you build your foundation
  • Day 2 : It's time to put the theory into practice. Randy will show you how to build an online business step-by-step & click-by-click in just 30 minutes
  • Day 3: How to get thousands of visitors on your offers every day on completely Autopilot mode without spending anything on paid ads
  • Day 4 : Get access to a complimentary tool called Lions Den that will help you promote your links to multiple platforms using just one click
  • Day 5: Final Day of the challenge. On this day, you will get the closing thoughts and the roadmap of how to get going with your journey. You will get an insight on what is currently working, and how you can take advantage of that.
  • Here is the detailed break up on what you are going to learn in those 5 days:

    • Introduction to List Lion
      • Welcome To The 5 Day Challenge
    • Day 1 - Let's Get Started
      • Before You Do Anything Else
      • Quick Intro To Affiliate Marketing
      • The Tools Of The Trade
      • Your Affiliate Dashboard
      • Conclusion Day 1
    • Day 2 - Let's Build Your Business!
      • Before You Do Anything Else Day 2
      • Login To Your Brand New Autoresponder
      • The Perfect Affiliate Funnel
      • Access to the Facebook Group
    • Day 3 - Fuel The Beast
      • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!
      • An Overview Of TikTok
      • Fast Track Your TikTok Content
      • Another Great Source For Content Ideas
      • Day 3 Conclusion
    • Day 4 - The Lions Den
      • Special Message On Mindset And Mentors
      • Creating Your Lions Den Account
      • Step By Step Walkthrough To Setup Lions Den
      • Using the Lions Den For Instagram Reels
      • The Engagement Platform of The Lions Den
      • Day 4 Conclusion
    • Day 5 - Let's Grab Success
      • Overview
      • What's Working Right Now

    What will you get inside the challenge?

    • Access to the 5 Day List Challenge Program
    • Complimentary access to a  Premium Email Autoresponder services
    • Complimentary access to Lions Den Program to promote your content access to multiple platforms using just a few clicks
    • Your first 100 Leads completely free for you to promote your affiliate offers
    • Bonus: 6 Figure Affiliate Funnel Get where you will get  complete done-for-you business! Copy the exact system Randy is using for FREE in a matter of minutes!
    • Bonus: Get the secret emails that have generated Randy 6 figures. Simply plug and play with these proven PREWRITTEN Emails.

    Apart from the 5-Day Challenge, List Lion also has a monthly program for people who are serious about starting their online business and who want to learn in-depth about it. Here's what you will get in the List Lion Monthly program.

  • Full List Lion Membership
  • Guidance on Picking A Niche
  • Building The Perfect Affiliate Funnel
  • All Things Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Profitable Networking
  • The Sales Framework
  • Submit Your Link for Free 100 Clicks Each Month
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • On the other side, List Lion VIP Program comes with the following

    • Custom Bonus Page for VIP members
    • Rotator Link
    • Introduction to Facebook Organic Marketing
    • Let's Start With The Basics
    • Become The Boss of Content Creation
    • Your One Stop For Effective Prospecting
    • Messenger Magic
    • Stories To $$$$

    Benefits of Joining List Lion Program

    As mentioned earlier, List Lion is a complete affiliate training program, whose main focus is on the email list building. As an affiliate marketer, building an email list should be your first priority and List Lion gives you everything to build your email list faster.

    Having said that, List Lion is a complete package that covers all the different mediums of Affiliate Marketing such as Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest and Facebook Organic Marketing. 

    Not only this, as a member of the Monthly and VIP Program, every month you will get access to some of the following bonuses.

    • 750 fresh leads in your email autoresponders every month
    • 100 clicks to any affiliate offers or links of your choice

    VIP Members also get access to some additional training on:

    • ClickBank Master Class Training
    • CB Masters Academy
    •  CB Masters Academy: Your Product

    Should You go for the List Lion Program?

    List Lion is one of the programs which offers a low entry price point. The 5-Day challenge is just $7, so you can get an overview of affiliate marketing and make money online space.

    Their monthly List Lion Program is just – $49/month, whereas if you want to take the benefit of the lifetime VIP Program, it will be $997 one-time fee.

    This means, the program is offering different price level, so that every one can take the advantage of the program. Apart from the price level, the program has some of the other unique advantages that I have mentioned above. Let's see what those are once again.

    • Access to high converting funnels by Randy to create a 5 Figure/ month business
    • Access to a premium email marketing AutoResponder at no extra cost. No more paying monthly fees to email autoresponders like Aweber,  GetResponse
    • 750 warm leads imported directly into your email list every month so you will never have any TRAFFIC problem or never have to pay anything for Solo Ads or Paid Ads to build your list.
    • Unlimited 1:1 calls with Randy Maher, a 6-Figure Marketer and List Lion creator. to get his guidance, accountability with unparalleled support. 
    • Access to all the 12 modules and different learning materials to help you start and scale your business 
    • Access to a super helpful Facebook Community Group where you will get direct support from other users. Apart from that, you will get access to weekly and monthly training programs on Email List Building and other topics

    Wrapping up

    So that's all for this review!

    List Lion is one of the best beginner-friendly affiliate programs out there as Randy has put his effort to make it a complete affiliate training platform. The training inside is simple, easy to follow and implement so that anyone can get started and get results at the earliest.

    If starting an online business is what you have been thinking about for some time, the 5-Day Challenge is what you need.

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