My Online Startup Review- The Complete Guide

Welcome to the My Online Startup Review.

This post will explain everything you need to know about My Online Startup and how you can get started with this Free Affiliate Marketing Training Program.

My Online Startup-Quick Summary

My Online Startup is a free training platform created by Chuck Nguyen. The program aims at teaching you multiple aspects of Internet and Affiliate Marketing such as affiliate marketing, lead generation, YouTube marketing, forum marketing, solo ads, and more.

If you want to learn and understand the basics of affiliate marketing, this is one of the best platforms where you can learn everything in one place-completely free. However, you have to understand that to start making money online; you need to take action from their training which needs some basic set up like choosing a domain name, creating your website etc.

What is My Online Startup?

My Online Startup is a 100% free to join affiliate marketing training program. It has almost 50 free high-quality training videos that will teach you various aspects of affiliate marketing.

The course was created by Chuck Nguyen who is a long time successful affiliate and Internet marketer. The course was earlier known as Earn Easy Commissions. Later in 2017, Chuck completely modified the program and named it as My Online Startup or MOS.

The course is very beginner friendly . Anyone even with no or little affiliate marketing can take the benefit of this training program and get started with their affiliate marketing journey.

How to Join My Online Startup Training Program?

Joining process in MOS is very straightforward.

You can create a free account with MOS within a few minutes. You will get a confirmation/activation mail. Once you confirm your account, you will get immediate access to the MOS system.

MOS also has a Paid Partner account, but it completely optional. In fact, if you are a beginner, I would strongly suggest to stay away from this until you are familiar with all the basics of affiliate marketing.

So the exact process in My Online Startup is like this:

  • Step 1: Join the My Online Startup Training Program
  • Step 2: Confirm Your Account
  • Step 3: Get Access to the Training Program

As I mentioned earlier, there are around 50 videos in the free affiliate training which covers different aspects of Internet Marketing such as Mindset, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Forum Marketing and others. I will suggest you to follow the training in the same sequence or order in which they are listed. Do not skip any section or don't watch videos in random order..




Training at My Online Startup

Once you log in to your MOS account, this is what you will see in your MOS Dashboard. It will start with a quick introduction of the MOS program, followed by 8 different modules.

My Online Startup Dashboard

There is no limit on how many times you can see a particular learning session.  have done it multiple times myself, and I would suggest you do the same to understand all the concepts by heart.


Each lesson will give you complete detail of a particular topic. Chuck will explain everything in detail in his videos.

If you have any questions about training lessons, you will also have the option to leave a question at the end of lessons.

My Online StartUp Membership Area

However, I don't see much interactions happening there, because there is a dedicated Facebook Group available where you can get answers to all your questions from the support team, community members and including Chuck himself. 

More on this later in this post.

My Online Startup Training Session in Detail

As I said before, there is a total of eight levels of training in My Online Startup. Let's take a close look at what you will learn in MOS Training at every level. 

Getting Started: Introduction

First of all, all the training are delivered by Chuck. So you can learn from the man himself... In the first level, Chuck will give you a quick introduction of the My Online Startup and explain what the things you will learn from this training program.

My Online Startup Introduction

Apart from this, the 8 different modules are as follows:

Step 1: The Gameplan

In this video, Chuck will give you the full game plan and the big picture of everything. You'll learn everything and understand how exactly you'll make money when you finish this free course now.

There are many ways to make money online, such as Shopify dropshipping, copyrighting, selling your own Services or products; there are many ways to make money online. Through this training, Chuck will explain how you can make money doing this using the free course.

Further, he will break down every single component that you'll build going that will help you generate income.




Step 2 : Success Mindset

And this is why this module is super important- which is all about maintaining Positive Mindset. And I can assure you, once you master this module, you will be successful in anything you will do in your life.

A lot of people start with great energy and expectations that they will make money online. But when it comes to taking actions, going through the journey, most of them fail.

Sooner or later, they lose focus, and when they don't see the results they were hoping, they quit. They get easily demotivated, scared.

This is why this module is super important- which is all about maintaining Positive Mindset. And I can assure you, once you master this module, you will be successful in anything you will do in your life.

Let's take a look at what you will learn in this module:

  • Why is Mindset everything
  • What is your Strong Personal Why
  • How to come up with a clear income goal
  • How to build a powerful self-image
  • Powerful Success Formula
  • How to be more 100x more productive
  • My success philosophy
My Online Startup The GamePlan

Level 3: Affiliate Marketing

This module is all about affiliate marketing. In this, Chuck will explain what affiliate marketing is, how it works along with some important fundamentals you need to know about affiliate marketing to get started.

My Online Startup Affiliate Marketing

Level 3 training will be as follows:

  • Important Fundamentals
  • Most Profitable Niches
  • Find Affiliate Products
  • Pick Your Product
  • Your Unfair Advantage




Level 4: Lead Generation

In Level 4 you will learn how to drive traffic and generate leads to your offers and website. Traffic and leads are like oxygen to your online business and this training module will teach you how to get leads consistently for your offers.

My Online Startup Lead Generation

You will learn how to capture leads, create capture pages, and set up follow up emails with an autoresponder.

These are the exact topics that you will learn in Level 4.

  • Super Affiliate Formula
  • Quality Lead Magnets
  • Creating Capture Pages
  • Automated Follow Ups
  • Track your conversions
  • Integrating your systems

Level 5: Authority Platform

In this training, you’ll learn the importance of a blog and how it can help you in your online business in the long run. In this course, Chuck will also recommend an all-in-one free website building and affiliate training program known as Wealthy Affiliate.

My Online Startup Authority Platform

Level 5 Training will teach you the following:

  • Importance of a Blog
  • Building Out Your site
  • Customizing Your Blog
  • Best Type of Articles
  • Tips & Tricks to Writing
  • Blog Post Checklist and others




Level 6: YouTube Marketing

YouTube is another powerful platform to share your content with the world. You can create your channel, record your review videos or other contents and make it available to the billions of audience all over the world.

My Online Startup YouTube Marketing

Many Internet marketers earn six or seven figures of income through their YouTube channel every year. Level 6 of Training figure will teach you how you can do the same step by step.

In Level 6 Training you will learn the following

  • The power of YouTube
  • Setting Up Channel
  • Must have Resources
  • Best Type of videos
  • Shooting and Editing
  • Ranking Your videos

Level 7: Forum Marketing

Forum Marketing is another powerful source to get huge targeted traffic back to your website. This module will teach you how to join different Internet Marketing forums and promote your offer in a legit way to build your email list and make sales.

My Online Startup Forum Marketing

Level 8: Targeted Solo Ads

In this module, Chuck will show you how you can use the paid traffic method, Solo Ads, to promote MOS or any other products to make money online.

In this module, you will learn

  • Earliest Traffic Method
  • Simple Udimi Network
  • Reliable Solo Agency
  • Trusted Solo Vendors

Apart from these training modules, you will also get access to the Chuck's Free Mastermind group which is My Online Startup Community.

My Online Startup Partner Program

Chuck also introduced a Lifetime Partner Program to become a lifetime partner just by paying a one-time fee. This will give you access to additional training modules.

Not only this, the Partner Program will also allow you to earn from multiple income streams from the platform itself. Whenever a new member joins in the platform and makes a purchase recommended by Chcuk, you will earn a commission.

As of now, the Partner Program fee is $197 (one-time), however, Chuck is working on an update in the entire MOS platform. Once this is launched, additional income streams will be added.

As a Lifetime partner, you will also get access to Chuck's Inner Circle Private Facebook Group.




The Pros and Cons of My Online Startup

I am currently a Partner of My Online Startup. So I have a fair understanding of how this program works. Based on my experience, I can say that I like and dislike a couple of things about this training program.

Let's start with Pros of My Online Startup.

What I like about My Online Startup

#100% Free Course

Mos has about 50 high-quality training videos in the free training itself, where Chuck has covered many topics. I was amazed by the value it delivered, even with this free training.

I have seen many other training programs where other marketers thousands of dollars for this type of detailed training.

#Chuck Delivered the Training Himself

Chuck delivered all the training himself. The man spoke from all this experience and shared some of the stuff I have never seen or heard before.

#Opportunity to Earn as a Free Member

One good thing about MOS is you can earn commissions even if you are a free member. As a free member, you will get your referral link. You can share this across different platforms, social media, and invite other people interested in starting their make money program.

If they join as a free member and later upgrade to Chuck's Partner or Legendary Partner Program, you will earn commissions from that. As a free member, you will earn 50% commission on each quite huge upgrade, considering you are a free member.

#Powerful Mindset Training Module

Mindset training is one of the most critical factors to be successful. Unfortunately, most people don't see this, and as a result, they fail.

As I mentioned earlier, MOS a whole dedicated section of Mindset training. This will teach you how to maintain a positive mindset throughout the training and make money online journey.

The Mindset Training will help you to clear all your doubts, negativity and most importantly to stay focused to your goal.

#Supportive Staff

My Online Startup has a very helpful Support Team. They respond to all your queries almost immediately. They are available on personal email, membership area, and Chuck's Mastermind Facebook group.

#Chuck's Mastermind Group

MOS also has a private Mastermind community on Facebook to help beginners. Once you join the MOS Program, you can join the group.

Apart from this, you'll have the option to leave your comments or queries at the end of each video. You can also reply or respond to other members' questions as well.

However, I have noticed the MOS support members are not very active inside the training module comment section. So, I would suggest to post all your questions on the FB group.

What I don't like about My Online Startup

Now let's take a look at the cons.

#Some of the tools are not required for Beginners

Throughout the course, Chuck has recommended many tools. While some of the tools like WordPress hosting, WordPress themes are essential for everyone, but not all tools are required.

For example, Chuck has recommended tools like ClickFunnels, Clickmagic. These are advanced-level marketing tools you won't need at all initially, especially if you don't have any prior experience in Internet Marketing.

#Excessive promotion of the Partner and Legendary Program

This is not that much of a con, but I guess it's a bit turn off. But, I think all the marketers do that for their products.




Inside the training program, Chuck has promoted both his Partner and Legendary programs quite a few time. But these are optional to join, and you can remain a free member as long as you want.

Is My Online Startup a Scam?

My Online Startup is undoubtedly not a scam. This a completely free Internet and Affiliate Marketing Training platform. I must say that Chuck has put a lot of effort in building this course.

Anyone who wants to learn about affiliate marketing and begin their online marketing journey can take advantage of this platform.

Conclusion and Final Thought

If you are not a member of My Online Startup member yet, I highly recommend joining their free course to learn about affiliate marketing. As of now, the beginner level course is entirely free. Chuck is also working on some updates. So you might expect many changes and new modules in the future.

Alternatively, you can also explore another Affiliate Marketing training platform that is called Wealthy Affiliate. This is a community-driven Affiliate training platform with millions of members, and they have in the market since 2005.

Chuck has also recommended this course inside MOS. Wealthy Affiliate is completely free to join. As a free member, you will get access to their Level 1 Affiliate Marketing Certification Program.

This post contains affiliate links, which means every time you make a purchase using a link we will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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