Proofread Anywhere Review: Why should You Consider Joining this Course?

Welcome to my Proofread Anywhere Review! 

In this post, I will do a complete analysis of Proofread Anywhere, which is known to be one of the most popular proofreading courses online, created by Caitlin Pyle.

Disclaimer:  This post contains a few affiliate links, which means when you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Please read the affiliate disclaimer for more details.

Let me try to read your mind a little bit first? Why are you reading this review? Here are my guesses:

  • You are looking for a few new work from home opportunities, and somehow, you came to know that proofreading has a lot of potentials. You also got to know if there is one proofreading course you need to attend; this is the one
  • You have read a lot of good reviews about it. You have almost decided to go for this course, but you need more details 
  • As always, there also negative reviews as well. Some people even are saying it scam? Is Proofreading Anywhere really a legit have to know and you should!
  • In this review, I will cover all these aspects to help you decide if this will be the right course for you.

    But before all that, let me quickly explain who is Caitlin Pyle and what Proofread Anywhere course is all about.

    What is Proofread Anywhere?

    Proofread Anywhere is a well-known online proofreading course created by Caitlyn Pyle. The course teaches how to become successful proofreaders and make money online by providing all the required education and training .

    Caitlin started her career as a proofreader in 2007, and by 2009, she started working in court reporting. In 2012, she launched her proofreading blog, where she started proofreading tips.

    She launched her first eBook on proofreading, which was an instant success. Seeing the positive responses and follow up questions from her readers, she later changed the eBook into a complete training program.

    Proofread Anywhere was first launched in 2015. Over the years, the course has made over $575,000 in sales and helped thousands of her students to start their career as full-time proofreader.

    Caitlin was featured in many leading publications such as Fortune, Business Insider, Fast Company and others. Today, she is one of the multi-millionaires who has made this possible at a very young age of 30.

    How does proofreading work?

    If you are reading this article, I will safely assume that you know what proofreading is and what exactly people do when they proofread. If you are not sure, I will suggest you read my other article, How to become a Proofreader- The Step by Step Guide, before you read any further of this review.

    However, to give you a quick overview, proofreading is a job of finding spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes in a text, often missed by the authors. To be a successful proofreader, you need to have a good understanding of the English language and a sharp eye to spot those errors.

    Proofreading is often confused with the work of Editing. The scope of editing is much broader that includes rearranging texts, removing certain texts from a paragraph if required, and sometimes, even re-writing an entire paragraph. However, the scope of proofreading is somewhat limited to correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, capitalization, numbers, and overall sentence structure.

    Proofread Anywhere: Course Overiew

    First of all, let me make it very clear that a proofreading job is not for everyone. Keeping aside your English knowledge level and eyes for spotting mistakes, there are other factors too to consider.

    Keeping this in mind, Caitlin has created a 76 minutes Free webinar that anyone can take. In the workshop, she will clarify what you can expect from the course and why it might not be for everyone.

    So if you are not sure about joining the course, the free webinar is a great way to get an overview of how proofreading industries work and the type of challenges you will face. The 7-day free course will include some amazing videos, case studies, printables and templates.

    Proofread Anywhere: Course Contents

    Now, let's talk about the course now in detail!

    There are two different courses offered inside Proofread Anywhere- General Proofreading: Theory and Practice, and Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice.

    Both the courses are pretty comprehensive and covered with tons of information. Based on the course you are going with, the ideal timeline to complete the course would be from 1-4 months.

    #1.General Proofreading: Theory and Practice

    General Proofreading Theory and Practice
    • Module 1: Introduction to General Proofreading
    • Module 2: Proofreading Mindset
    • Module 3: Basics of Proofreading
    • Module 4: Different Proofreading Practice and Methods
    • Module 5: How to turn Proofreading into a Business
    • Module 6: How to find Clients
    • Module 7: Workflow
    • Module 8: How to get the most out of Freelancing
    • Module 9: Concluding Lessons
    • Module 10: Bonus Case Studies
    • Module 11: Ignite Plus Exam which is available only for the Ignite Plus level

    Overall, the course has two different packages: 

    • Ignite for ($497)
    • Ignite Plus ($597)
    Proofread Anywhere-Ignite and Ignite Plus

    The primary difference between the two packages is that Ignite Plus will have a completion certificate and a hand-graded exam included.

    Apart from that, you will also get FOUR premium freelance resource guides as bonuses:

  • Look Better in Writing™ Handbook of Commonly Misused (and Abused!) Words
  • The Ultimate Freelancer Tax Guide
  • The Mindset Mastery Guide
  • 5 Mindset Shifts for Goal-Crushing Confidence
  • Additional Bonuses will also include:

    • First level to Caitlin's original flagship course, Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™ -- PLUS lifetime access to the PA Proofreaders Facebook group
    • Money Mindset Transformation Workshop and Workbook

    Overall you will get:

    • 40+ lessons in 9 modules
    • 8 grammar-specific worksheets
    • Bonus resource guides for all types of service-provider markets
    • 40+ real-life example jobs
    • Student workbook and syllabus
    • Pep talk videos from Caitlin
    • 8 module quizzes
    • 100-question in depth vocabulary quiz
    • 3 case studies
    • New and updated lessons

    #2.Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice (TPTP)

    The Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice course is designed to develop your skill in transcript and court transcript. The course has total 9 modules and 60 units. But you will have the option to buy modules independently.

    Transcript Proofreading Theory and Practice

    As always, you can start with 1-week free course. If you decide to continue with the course, you can go for the 30-Day Jumpstart for $197

    The good thing about this is that you don't have to invest a lot of amount upfront. Instead, you can start with Level 1 and see if you would be interested in go for the rest of the levels. However, this approach will cost you a lot more than the One-time purchase plan.

    Transcript Proofreading Theory and Practice-Course Levels
    • Module 1:  Introduction to Transcript Proofreading
    • Module 2: The Nuts and Bolts of Transcripts
    • Module 3 & 4: Marking Up Transcripts (Four Methods)
    • Module 5: Simulation Transcripts (3,120 pages in 50
      simulation transcripts)
    • Module 6: Corresponding Within the Court Reporting Profession
    • Module 7: Billing and Accounting Procedures, Final Examinations
    • Module 8: — Marketing (this module is not accessible until student passes both final examinations with a 90% or higher)
    • Module 9: Concluding Lesson

    Overall, the course will have four different levels:

    • Level 1: Beginner Basecamp One payment of $77 Access to Module 1
      for 7 days
    • Level 2: Jumpstart One payment of $197 Access to Modules 1 and 2 for an additional 30 days
    • Level 3: NextSteps One payment of $400 Access to Modules 1-5 for an additional 60 days
    • Level 4: Launch + Earn One payment of $500 Access to Modules 1-9 for LIFE!

    Proofread Anywhere: Reviews and Complaints

    I have seen both positive and negative reviews about Proofread Anywhere, and this is quite normal. There are no online courses out there where you won't see any back negative comments, no matter how good they are.

    Let me start with the positive reviews first:

    The course has received tons of positive reviews from the students where they have mentioned their success and how the course changed their life. Some of the students started proofreading as a full-time career and doing well. You can see a lot of proofs on the Proofread Anywhere official website.

    Apart from that, I have seen discussions on Reddit forums or Trust Pilot where people have mostly said positive things for the course.

    Now, the negative reviews:

    According to a review on BBB, The recommended time to finish the course is 3-4 months, based on the course level you have purchased. However, a few users reported that it takes hardly one month to complete the course. Some users even mentioned that lessons were small without much much information.

    Another user on Reddit mentioned that the course suggests searching Upwork, Fiverr, or other marketplaces for proofreading job opportunities once you complete the courses. The course won't get you job. This is not much of a negative review, rather an observation.

    ....which takes me to the next question!!

    Is Proofread Anywhere a Scam? 

    There are many online courses that overpromise and underdeliver. They make false or empty promises to lure people to sign up for their course. As a result, when people don't get to see the results they expected, they feel cheated.

    However, that being said, there are many people who set unrealistic expectations like job assurance, guaranteed success or income from online courses without reading the full terms, conditions or disclosure. Once they realized, they get simply frustrated and call the programs scams.

    Proofreading Anywhere is one of the most legitimate courses on proofreading. If you checked the course contents that I have mentioned, you might have understood how helpful the course is. The course is well structured, organized and most importantly, it covers each and every aspect of the proofreading.

    There are many proofreading courses available online. But none of them is as detailed as Proofread Anywhere is. The course has tons of lessons, exercises, checklists that will give you the right start in your proofreading career. Most importantly, you get to learn from Caitlin herself, who has years of expertise in doing proofreading and courtroom transcription works.

    Over the years, she has helped over 5,000 students starting their proofreading career by giving them the right direction.

    However, one point to note here, joining this course doesn't mean you will get guaranteed success, or you will start making thousands of dollars from proofreading jobs just after completing the course.

    Proofread Anywhere doesn't promise any job guarantee or success for taking the courses. Once you complete the course, you need to look actively for proofreading job opportunities on various platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork. Amazon Proofreading jobs is also a great place to get started.

    But the course will definitely give you that extra confidence and make your profile stand apart. There is no professional or degree course available in proofreading. But the courses like Proofread Anywhere shows that you know your work and not just any random person trying his luck. You can even upload the PA certificate of completion for maximum exposure.

    Proofread Anywhere: Pros and Cons


    • Flexible, Self-paced online course learn from anywhere at your own convenience.
    • Get Lifetime access to course and Bonus once you make the full payment 
    • Installment Payments available
    • Access to the Private Facebook Group where you will get additional proofreading tips and participate discussions
    • The course will help you build proofreading skills to build a successful freelance proofreader
    • You will learn not only proofreading the course will teach you how you can set up a proofreading business on your own


    • The course is non-refundable. This is normal to happen for a digital, knowledge based course. Unlike a software product, you can't refund knowledge once you try it.
    • Proofread Anywhere is expensive
    • The course has limited passive income potential- you have to work actively if you want to make money from proofreading

    Proofread Anywhere: Should You join the Course

    People are often excited about new ideas and instantly start to believe they should pursue this further. But over time, they often find it hard to retain the same level of excitement. As a result, they quit.

    The point is if you enjoy finding and correcting mistakes all the time and believe you can do this day after day as routine work, you stand a chance. However, let me tell you proofreading needs serious hard work and discipline. You need to put in regular efforts and time if you want to be successful as a proofreader. So, if you are just looking for passive income ideas, you should stay away from this course.

    Wrapping Up

    Proofreading is certainly not an easy task as it requires serious commitment. Furthermore, Caitlin herself has made it very clear that Proofreading is not for everyone.

    However, if you are serious about a work-at-home career and passionate about proofreading work, then you should definitely go for this.

    However, keep in mind, you will make a significant investment, and it might take time before you start making a decent income. I am not trying to scare you here; instead, I want you to understand that staying focused and committed will be the key if you want to make a successful proofreader career

    I hope you found this review helpful. If you are still unsure or want to know more about the course, try Caitlin's 76 minutes Free Proofreading Workshop and see for yourself.

  • I often wondered if I could do this job. I used to teach English to middle school aged students. I found it fun. This course sounds like it's legit and you described it very well. Like you said though it is a bit pricey but I guess you have to spend some money to make money. Thanks for this review. It was very informative and adds another online alternative to making money.


    • Thank you Nina for your comment. Proofreading is one of the best ways to make money online. If you have the eyes for spotting even the tiniest mistake in a sentence, you can definitely consider a career in proofreading. However, you need the right start. As you said, the course is pricey, but it’s totally worth it proving the value it offers. Here is another article that will help you understand more about proofreading 7 EASY STEPS TO BECOME AN ONLINE PROOFREADER AND WORK FROM HOME

  • Thank you for this review. I do see that this course is legit however, I just feel that it may not be for me since it will not be something that will help me create a passive income.
    I also like the fact that it has great content to follow which will be able to justify why a person can get it. The price may be justified for this point. However for me I will pass. Thank you for this detailed review.

  • Hi, so I think proofreading can be a good career. I don't know about finding work through Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr, but I'm sure you could list your services. I think there is more demand for virtual assistants in general which is a much broader skill set. Although, I would guess that for somebody writing a book this would be the type of scenario that somebody with these skills would be hired. I think some authors rather than proofread themselves would prefer to hire a proofreader. Many authors I guess would rather just get to work with their next book or whatever.

    I think there is definitely potential here though. If this course can really teach you this skillset it could help you launch a career out of it. Also for writers that want to improve their own writing. I personally use Grammarly which does an amazing job but I guess there is still a need for this skill set.

    I could imagine this review will be helpful to people

    Best reagrds;


  • Thanks for showing us what Proofread Anywhere looks like. I can tell it's comprehensive training on proofreading. Although there are negative comments online, I still think this is a good training course for people who like to make money online through proofreading.

    In my opinion, any online training won't promise you an income guarantee since it depends on your skill, hard work, and patience. People should do thorough research before they make the purchase. Anyway, I would recommend it to people who enjoy finding and correcting mistakes. 🙂

  • Very interesting post on proofreading anywhere! Although I would love to be able to proofread, I’m definitely sure I don’t want to it as profession or business. From this article, I can see that proofreading anywhere is a legit program albeit a bit pricey so looks like those who are passionate about it and are confident they will make as proofreaders won’t mind paying for it.

    Thank you

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