How to Sell Feet Pics and Make Money Online-The Complete Guide

In this post, I will show you how you can make crazy income online just by selling your feet pics!

Yes!! You read it right….and this is a thing.

A lot of people are making money online nowadays just by selling feet pics. No full-body portfolio, not chasing different agencies to get their attention and all!.. Just click a few feet pics, upload them online, and bam! can make regular passive income sitting at your home.

If you find this fascinating so far but wonder where to sell feet pics, keep reading as I am going to cover everything you need to know about selling feet pics online.

But before all that...let me give you a little bit of background of this....After all, if you think it seems a bit weird ...isn't it? I mean who even buys feet pics and what do they do with those pics?

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Who Buys Feet Pics Online and what do they do with it?

People buy feet pics for many different reasons. You might be even surprised to know that selling feet pics online itself is a small money-making opportunity where people are even earning $100 just for selling one pic.

Let's take a look at the different groups who buy feet pics online and for what purpose.

Blogger, Media Publishers and News Agencies

Different publishing agencies, bloggers, and journalists use foot pictures on various articles such as health, beauty, or other closely related articles where giving feet pics makes sense.

sell feet pics

Most of the time, they turn to stock photography websites searching for feet images to use these images in their articles.

Stock Photography Websites

As I mentioned earlier, most people turn to stock photography websites whenever they need to buy feet pics. So the stock photo websites are always in need of feet pics to sell their customers.

Modeling Agencies

Many Feet modelling agencies actively look for good-looking feet images to publish them in their magazines. In addition to that, many agencies ask for feet pictures when recruiting new models as a part of their recruitment criteria.

 Agencies like Closeupmodel agency recruit models for different body parts as well. Feet pics are one of them. Apart from this, cosmetics and salons companies often use feet pics for marketing their products, so they also buy foot pictures regularly.

One good thing about being a foot model is it is open for both men and women. There is no sex discrimination.

Artists and Painters

Artists and painters often take inspiration from other photos for their paintings. For example, if an artist wants is working on a foot painting, they might search online for pictures that will serve their purpose.

This is a proven income model, and many people nowadays are following this to provide reference images to the painters. If you search social media websites like Pinterest and Instagram, you will see many users with a vast collection of feet pictures.

Feet lovers

Some people have a secret foot fetish, and they buy different feet pics online all the time. There are over a million people who fall in this category, and some of them are even Hollywood Stars!

If you think I am joking, take a quick look at this video where Kate Winslet talks about Idris Elba and his love for feet in a Graham Norton Show episode.

Now, Before I get ahead with the details of where to sell your feet pics online, I will also cover a couple of other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about selling feet pics online.

Sell Feet Pics Online- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Should You Sell Your Feet Pictures?

Well...for one simple reason... it's a viable income opportunity, and you can make money online from it. Feet images are always in high demand, and as I mentioned earlier, there are so many interested parties who are happy to pay well for these feet pics.

where sell feet pics

Unlike many online jobs where you need some experience and skills, you won't need any special skills to take feet pictures. Further, you can do it at the comfort of your home, with no time and deadline commitment. All you need is a camera or even a smartphone, and you are ready to start.

Is Selling Feet Pics Online Legal?

If you are wondering if it is legal to sell pictures of your feet, let me tell you Selling feet pics is totally legal in most countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

However, it is banned and illegal in certain countries on strict ethical rules. This can be true for Arabian countries and especially if you are a woman.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must have attained legal consensual age before you can sell your feet pics. For most of the countries, this is 18 years and above.

How Much  can You Make by Selling Feet Pics Online?

There is no standard or fixed price for selling feet pictures online. It can depend on how much your clients are willing to pay for a pic or how much you expect to be paid as a seller or content creator.

sell feet pictures online

When you are starting new, you can begin with a lower price, and as you gain more experience and get good reviews, you can charge a higher fee. But to give you an idea, one feet image can go from $5 to $100. So even If you charge $25 for one picture and make 4 sales a day, you can still earn $100. Not bad when you are at the beginner level.

Some top sellers even make $500 or even higher per day. In addition, there are many apps or websites where you can sell your pics in subscription mode. In this model, the buyers or customers will make a certain subscription fee every month to get access to your feet pics. The more subscribers you have, the more you make.

Where to Sell Feet Pics Online?

If you are excited to know where to sell your feet pics online, here is the list of  best websites and apps where you can start selling your feet pics

#1. Instafeet

Instafeet is one of the most popular platforms to sell feet pictures online. The site will let you sell beautiful photos of your feet and earn easy money from that. 

To get started, this is what you need to do:

  • You need to create and verify your profile to get stared
  • Start by sharing a few feet pictures of yours and build your initial subscribers who are interested in buying these pics
  • Instafeet has a monthly subscription model. When you start, set the subscript fee that’s less than $10 to keep it affordable and accessible for people to sign up.
  • Share your profile on other platforms by using your profile link to get more visibility.
  • Sell feet pics online

    Anyone can create a profile in Instafeet. It doesn’t matter if you have good-looking feet or not. You can still create an account. However, your profile needs to be reviewed and approved by the Instafeet team. This approval process can take up to 3 weeks, and in some cases, you may be even put on a waiting list before you actually get approved.

    Keep in mind that Instafeet will keep a 10% commission from your earnings. The balance amount will be deposited to your account bi-monthly.

    Read our complete InstaFeet Review.

    #2. Feet Finder

    Feet Finder is the most secure and best website to sell feet pictures online. In addition, the website is free to join, and You can easily use the platform to sell custom feet pictures to your clients.

    Feet Finder is supported by a massive marketing team actively promoting this platform in the online marketplace. This is one of the main reasons even smaller or beginner level accounts see a lot of success from this platform within a quick period.

    Feet Finder

    No matter if you100,000+ or a mere 100 followers on social media, you still have good potential to make money selling feet pics onlineApart from this, Feet Finder also has huge Twitter Followers, which means you will get a massive audience reach who would be interested in buying your photos.

    Here is how you can start selling feet pictures on Feet Finder:

  • Create your account and verify your identity
  • You can upload both your feet pictures and videos (if available)
  • Potential Buyers will purchase or request which images they want to buy
  • The seller accepts offers and uploads content showing preview pics
  • The Buyer makes the payment, the seller gets paid, and the content is delivered
  • Feet Finder takes the safety and privacy of its members very seriously. This is why a thorough verification is done whenever a member joins before they start doing transactions. In TrustPilot Platform, the website has received a massive 4.9 rating based on its 567 reviews till date.

    Feet Finder takes the safety and privacy of its members very seriously. This is why a thorough verification is done whenever a member joins before they start doing transactions. In TrustPilot Platform, the website has received a massive 4.9 rating based on its 567 reviews till date.

    Feetfinder pays 80% of sales income back to Models. In addition, the platform is specifically designed to help buyers and sellers with each other to buy and sell feet pics without any hassle. Most importantly, you can also make transactions anonymously without revealing your identity.

    You can also read our detailed FeetFinder Review by following this link.

    #3. Stock Photo Websites

    Selling Photos on stock photography websites is one of the proven income models. There are a million users who make quite a good amount of income using these stock photo websites. I have already shown you the best stock photo websites to sell your photos in one of my previous articles.

    However, most of the photos uploaded on these platforms are related to travel, food, landscape or food categories.

    I have already mentioned earlier how most buyers go to these stock photo websites for feet pics. Stock photo websites are well aware of this demand, and they pay a higher price for uploading feet pics than other categories. So if you are selling feet pictures online, you can focus on this specific niche, where you will have far fewer competitions.

    #4. Instagram

    Instagram is one of Facebook's best social media platforms, which is also popularly known as “IG” or “Insta”. This platform has over 1 billion registered users. You can also use this platform for marketing your feet pics to reach interested buyers. The best way to do this is to set up a page with a few feet pics and let others know about it.

    Sell Feet Pics on Instagram

    So the first thing that you should do is use the most popular hashtags from the feet pictures category for your feet images or videos. Here is the list of the most common and popular feet images hashtags used for these types of photos.

  • #PerfectFeet
  • #PrettyFeet
  • #BeautifulFeet
  • #FeetWorship
  • #Feet
  • #FeetLovers
  • You can be creative and add your own hashtags but make sure you don't overuse the hashtags and keep the number to 20 at maximum.

    To get the most out of Instagram, you can also set up a business Instagram account completely free of cost after successful verification. In addition, a business account will give you extra features to improve your overall selling business and access to Instagram shopping.

    Start by searching “feet pics” on the Instagram search option. This will show you the most popular usernames that have a huge follower base. Next, start following those users who appear to be genuinely interested in buying feet pics. You can easily find it from the likes and comments from those pics. Let them know that you sell feet images and leave your contact details and mention your price expectations.

    However, one most important thing to remember here is not to send too many messages to random users at once. The Instagram spam filter is very, very strong, and it might cause your account suspension if you overdo this. So the ideal thing to do is to create a brand new account exclusively for selling feet pics.

    Selling feet images on Instagram can be pretty rewarding. The average feet pics can start from $50. However, many users/models claimed to have made more than $40000 by selling feet pics from the Instagram platform alone.

    #5. Facebook

    Facebook is the largest social media platform globally, with over 2.5 billion users per month from all over the world. Inside Facebook, there are multiple private Facebook groups where people buy and sell feet pics all the time. Apart from this, you can also create your own Facebook Business page to sell your photos directly to interested buyers.

    Le's see both the options in detail.

    Join Private Facebook Group or Create Your Own Group

    Start by searching “sell feet pictures” on the search bar. Once you get the search results, filter the results using the “groups” option.

    There are plenty of interested customers inside the groups interested in buying feet pics. However, you need to be an active member and keep your eyes open to all the discussions to bag customers and build reputations.

    You can start your own private Facebook group and invite members from the other groups. However, in this approach, you’ll need to spend significant time in marketing and promotion to make people aware of your group. Advertising on social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook itself is an excellent way to do this.

    Create a Facebook business page

    Alternatively, you can also create a Business Page on Facebook. If you already have a Facebook account, simply go to the “create page” section, and you can get started by following the step-by-step instructions.

    Facebook Page allows you to leave your email and contact details on the page so that your customers can quickly contact you. In addition to that, Facebook also has integrated payment applications where your customer can directly make the payments.

    Include your business email account and a link to your payment application. These details are necessary so that customers can contact you.

    On average, Feet pictures are sold for about $5-$50 per image on Facebook.

    #6. Start Selling Pics on Foap

    Foap is another popular app where you can make money selling feet pics. The platform was created in 2011, and currently, it has more than 3 million active content creators.

    Foap gives you the perfect opportunity to build your online portfolio and get exposure from potential buyers, model agencies and popular brands. As a content creator, you can sell both photos and videos of your feet through this platform.

    selling feet pics online

    Foap also has a fantastic community where you can ask questions and learn from other experienced members. Apart from this, you can also explore other foapers’ pics and see how their pics are doing and what kind of contents are most sold. This will give you plenty of new ideas for your photos and videos.

    #7. Sell Feet Pics on Etsy

    Etsy is not a typical social platform like Facebook or Instagram. Rather, it's an eCommerce marketplace much like Amazon or eBay where you can buy and sell products like pictures, digital calendars, printable, digital planners and other homemade craft items. Etsy has over 60 million items listed on its website. As of date, they have more than 2.1 million sellers and 39.4 million buyers registered on their website.

    Etsy has over 60 million items listed on its website. As of date, they have more than 2.1 million sellers and 39.4 million buyers registered on their website.

    Unknown to many users, Etsy also has a specific section where you can sell your feet pics. So if you are feet pics content creator, you can take advantage of this platform.

    There are more than 1500 feet pictures available on the Instagram platform, and most of these pics are sold for over $10. Apart from just selling your feet pics, you can also be a little creative and sell items like foot tattoos or footprint signs. In fact, foot tattoos are so popular among customers it has made over 36,000 sales and received 3,500+ reviews.

    Keep in mind that each listing in Etsy will cost you $0.20 with a validity of 4 months. Further, Etsy will keep 5% of the sale price every time you make a sale.

    #8. Sell on Zazzle

    Zazzle is another popular where you can create creative images like beautiful mugs, feet on pillows, pics, T-shirts, coffee mugs and many other items. Though feet pics are not so popular on this platform, it is still worth trying. Who knows, you might even start a new trend?

    For example, if you are planning to sell your feet pics for $1 or $2, you can easily make up to $10 or $15 when you sell this on T-shirts or Mugs.

    Zazzle lets content creators use different tags. Make sure you use relevant tags, and that describes your pics. It will help your buyers to find your pics easily. You can use up to 10 tags for every pic, and to get better results to use all of them. Some of the most commonly used tags could be cute feet, sexy feet, barefoot and foot fetish.

    #9. Sell on Tiktok

    Tiktok is a China-based video-sharing social networking platform that is mainly used for creating short video clips. It is mainly a mobile app that lets users create and share 15 sec or 30-sec video clips. You can customize your clips further by applying different filters, music or special effects.

    The app has over 300 million active users, so you can definitely take advantage of this start selling your feet pics. To get started, create your profile and complete the necessary details like an email address and website link. This will help your buyers to see a few contents of yours and connect with you to discuss the payment terms, images or any other queries.

    Overall, this will be a unique niche compared to other content that is generally uploaded on Tiktok. So you got a high chance of success since there will be less competition.

    #10. Become a Parts Model

    You can also try becoming a parts model for a specific body part, in this case, it will be feet.

    Advertising agencies commonly use different foot models' pictures and promote or advertise various shoe products and other services. Apart from this, foot models are often hired to work with beauty brands, jewelry or pharmaceutical companies.

    To get started, create a solid portfolio with high-quality feet images to pitch yourself to different modelling agencies interested in working with parts models.

    Agencies like Closeup Modeling work with multiple foot models, so they can certainly help you connect with some big brands.

    Best Tips to Sell Feet Pics Online

    Now that you know how to sell your feet pics online let’s take a look at some common do’s and don’ts to get the best results selling your feet pics.

    Here are the few critical points you need to keep in mind to sell feet pics for extra money.

    Take care of your feet

    I know I mentioned you don't need beautiful feet to start feet pics online, and anyone can do this. But that doesn't mean you will upload a bunch of pics which is showing your cracked heels. So you must take good care of your feet to look good in pictures and sell them online.

    You may want to consider getting a pedicure at least once a month or practice caring for your feet with certain products on your own.

    Keep your feet dry and clean all the time, and use good quality light moisturizer or foot cream every night before hitting the bed. Also, make sure to trim your toenails regularly. Change your socks at regular intervals and do not use the same one repeatedly. Also, keep your shoes under sunlight or air out them frequently to prevent any fungus or bacteria infection

    There are plenty of YouTube tutorials that will show you new tips and techniques to keep your feet beautiful.

    Take Feet Pics from Different Angle

    Try to take feet pics from different angles. Doing this will help you offer plenty of variety to your customers, and you can sell more feet pics successfully. Believe us or not, giving different foot pose is way easier when comparing it with full-body modelling.

    Looking at different feet pics online, ads, and other foot models' images to get more ideas. To be more creative, use the timer function and add additional effects. The timer will also give you enough time to take high-quality pictures hands-free.

    You can take multiple feet pics such as with socks or go barefoot, without shoes. If you are taking pics with shoes, try high heels, stilettos, flat heels to give your buyers additional options to choose from.

    High-Quality Pictures are always plus

    High-quality professional-looking feet pics are a must if you want more people to engage with your photos. The stock websites also give preference to these kinds of pictures when listing on their website.

    However, as I mentioned earlier, you don’t need to invest in a professional costly taking those nice feet pictures. Smartphones nowadays also have excellent quality in-built cameras and lenses which will equally do the job. But lighting condition is one key element which you need to keep in mind.

    Investing in a few lighting equipment would be a good idea if you want to get the best results from your photos. There is plenty of budget lighting equipment listed on Amazon that you can try.

    Use a different type of image tone like sepia, black and white. You can also do experiments with different types of filters and see how they go with your pics.

    Edit Your Images Online

    For best results and effects, always clutter-free backgrounds or use a few prompts for the frame while taking pics.

    However, to give more professional touch, you can also edit your images further. You don't need to use high-end photo editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.

    There are plenty of photo editing sites that will let you edit your pics online completely free. Alternatively, you can use different apps like Snapseed, which are pretty easy to use and give your pics a whole new look.

    Keep Your Profile Anonymous

    The most important thing to remember is to maintain your privacy and remain anonymous. You are only selling your feet pics, and there is no need for your face or other parts of your body to sell your feet pics.

    Stay away from those sites that demand you to put your complete pics. If you are selling your feet pictures through Facebook groups, use a different profile or use a Facebook page and keep things strictly transactional.

    If you need to discuss order and payment terms with your buyers, keep the conversation limited to the order requirements. For payment, you can use different gateways such as Stripe,  PayPal, or SendOwl.

    Be extra careful when use platforms like Feetfinder. For example, they might include your home address if you miss ticking the box mentioning not to do that. For best results, set up your profile correctly and always go for a business account.

    Another reason to keep your feet anonymous is you don't know who will use your images and for what purpose. For example, the buyer can use it on a blog, marketing campaign or other purposes. So it makes keep your profile anonymous to make it go viral.

    Use a different email for selling photos

    Create a separate email address for selling your feet pics while you open accounts on different websites and Facebook. Do not use your regular email account. Keeping a separate email account will help you  keep track of orders and payments and do the necessary communication.

    Separate emails also prevent you from disclosing real identities, names, personal email addresses, and social media profiles. This is just a huge risk, and you should avoid it at any cost.

    Don't forget to add Watermarks on Pics

    If you show your sample pictures to your prospective clients, make sure to put a watermark on them to prevent unauthorized download. Most sock websites like istockphoto, Foap, Shutterstock put watermarks automatically on preview images. However, If you're selling your pics through Facebook, you have to put watermarks manually and show only a preview.

    Use tools like Canva or PictureMonkey to add blurs to your high-quality feet pictures. These tools will also give additional options to edit or modify the images. For example, you can easily put a transparent watermark to show your nickname or any other graphics in your preview pics.

    Once a customer makes the purchase, you can send them the non-watermarked versions of your feet pictures to complete the order.

    Can you really make money selling feet pics?

    Throughout this post, I have already explained and mentioned quite a few examples where people are already making money selling feet pics online. However, needless to mention, you need to put your effort if you want to be successful.

    In my opinion, Foap is the best platform to sell your feet pics as a beginner because they will pay you up to $10 for every sale. However, if you plan to sell your pics directly on Facebook groups, you have the option to set your own prices and make more money. The ideal rate for feet pics are $5 to $25 because this is the maximum price buyers will be ready to pay, and that is what other sellers are charging for their pics.

    Instafeet and Feet Finder are great platforms to build a solid subscriber base and increase your earnings in the long run. Even if you charge a monthly fee of $5 and maintain a paying 50 subscribers, you can easily generate $250 per month.

    Etsy is another online marketplace where you can sell different digital products for a flat fee. You can sell items like ‘feet on the beach’, ‘sandals’, ‘holiday-themed socks’, and other categories.

    However, keep in mind selling feet pics online is not a full-time job or something that will replace a full-time job. But if you are looking for some alternative ways to generate extra income with minimum effort, you can consider this option.

    Wrapping Up

    Selling feet pics online is undoubtedly an unusual way to make money online, but it is entirely possible, even if you are just a beginner.

    When you are just starting, focus on two or three ideas that I have mentioned above. This will help you the right start, and once you make your first few earnings, you can optimize it further.

    how to sell feet pics

    So there you go! I hope this guide gave you a fair idea about selling feet pics online and how you can get started. So just take your camera out and start taking pics of those beautiful feet!

    In this blog, I always come up with new make money online and passive income ideas. If you also want to explore other money-making options, check out our detailed guide on 35+ Best Ways to Make Money Online 

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