Tailwind Review: 25+ Incredible Tailwind Features to Grow your Pinterest Traffic


Pinterest is one of my favourite social media traffic sources. As a content marketer, I spend a lot of time to promote and share my contents through social media, and Pinterest is the best among them to drive massive traffic to my blog. Tailwind makes it better.

Tailwind is a fantastic Pinterest marketing tool that will help you to cut down a considerable amount of time that you would have spent in creating social media posts and post them to your channels manually.

Tailwind helps me to schedule Pinterest pins and offers so many shortcuts and other convenient features. I have been using Tailwind for over four years now, and it has helped me a lot do a lot of things on automation so that I can focus on other areas of marketing and increase my productivity.




Here are 25+ features you should know about Tailwind if you want to use it more efficiently.

#1.connect  and Sync Your Pinterest Account

You can easily connect Tailwind with Pinterest. It will help you to access all your Pinterest Boards which are available for Pins. Everything that you do using the Pinterest Account can be done and managed using the Tailwind itself.

#2.Scheduling of Pins

Tailwind makes pinning much easier. You can use the Tailwind scheduling feature to schedule and publish your pins at regular interval without actually manually posting them. To do this, just upload or select the pins, add title and description and click the "Add to Queue".


This is very useful if you don't want to spend so much time everyday on your Pinterest account. All you need to do this set your pins and schedule it for auto posting in the future. This is also a great feature to use when you are on vacation but keep your Pinterest account running and active.

#3. Drag and Drop Scheduler

If you want your pins to appear at a specific time instead of what Tailwind has suggested, you can easily do that by the Drag and Drop scheduling option.

If you are not happy with Tailwind suggested queue or want to make a change in it, you can easily drag the pins from a time slot and place it in a different date-time slot. The Tailwind will make the necessary changes and rearrange the queue as per your preference.

#4. Reshuffle Pins

Tailwind also lets you do random shuffling of your pins. If you are not happy with your pin schedule, click the shuffle queue and Tailwind do a overall shuffle of your pin queue.

#5.Board Lists

Pinterest allows you to add your pins to several relevant boards that you create on your Pinterest account as well as the group boards, which deals with the same subject or niche.

Tailwind makes it easier to keep track of these pins and where you have pinned them. You can also pin to multiple boards using just a few clicks from the Tailwind.


Many times we have to post the same pin multiple pins to gain more engagement and clicks from it. But if you repin the same post too soon, it will raise a flag and Pinterest might consider it as spam.

Tailwind has a great Interval feature which decides this required amount of delay on your behalf. Its smart interval feature determines what the ideal delay that should happen between the actual post and its repinning.

This is how it works.

When you click on the "Use Interval" button, It will open the time slots and Tailwind will set your pin for posting for the first time using the "Schedule First Pin at" option as per your choice.

You can set the minimum time between each pin and Interval type that you want to select. There are three different types of available: Open time slots, Optimized and Exact. Each has its feature, and all those have been created to give you a flexible pinning option.




#7.Smart Loop

Tailwind has this excellent new feature "Smart Loop" that will let you loop your pins, without putting any extra effort.
Before the smart loop feature was introduced, you could schedule your pins to a board only once. If you need to pin to the same board, then you had to do it again manually.

Tailwind Smart Loop lets you schedule your pins to loop. You set can select a pin and choose a board where you want to loop your pins. You have the flexibility to choose how many loops you want for that pins or how many overall looped pins you want to do on a particular day. The Smart Loop will take care the rest and post those pins automatically.

Smart Loop option is very handy in case you want to repin your old pins periodically but don't want to spend time on finding and rescheduling it. This is also very useful in case you want to festival pins such as Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day pins to show every year automatically.

#8.One Click Smart Loop Button

To make Smart Looping easier, Tailwind has come up with a one-click smart loop button. You will see the Smart Loop button when you upload a pin to the draft. The smart loop button will show right at the scheduling screen. All you need to do is click the smart loop and the pins for looping.


Tailwind gives you a wonderful opportunity to connect with other bloggers, make a network, and work together through its own platform "Tribe". Tribe gives you a better scope to improve your blog and grow together.

This is how the Tribe works.

A Tribe is a community of bloggers within Tailwind where you can join and connect with other bloggers. As a blogger, you can join a tribe related to your niche. Once you are a member of a niche, you can post your pins in the Tribe and make your pins available to other members.

The other tribe members can see your pins and share your content. Similarly, you can also do the same for other bloggers. Using the Tribe has two benefits.

  • You are able to reach over 12 millions of active bloggers who use Tailwind and get more exposure and visibility.
  • Over the last few years, I was able to connect with many bloggers in my niche and made few friends who have helped me a lot to make my blog grow further.
  • #10.Add to Tribes Button

    Tailwind has a dedicated "Add to Tribe" button to add pins to the tribes. You can find "add to tribe" button window right in the scheduling window. You can select the Tribes (where you are a member) where you want to post in your pin. Within seconds your pins will be visible in the tribes and other members can help you promote it by resharing in their Pinterest profile.

    #11.Create Your Own Tribe

    Tailwind also lets you create your Tribe specific to your niche. This is another great feature to connect with other bloggers by inviting them to your tribe. You can use this the tribe option further to share each other's content and become successful together.




    #12.Optimization of Post Times

    Tailwind has a lot of smart bots running round the clock and monitoring Pinterest activity. These bots can use their inbuilt logic and algorithm to assess the activity and statistics and present you the data in a way that you can understand and use it for your benefit.

    For example, using this feature, you have a clear understanding of which pin works better at which time and likely to get more audience reach. This will help you to plan your content promotion smartly, and Tailwind will take care of the rest.

    #13.Tailwind Browser Extensions

    Tailwind has its browser extensions which you can add to the browser you are using. Once it is installed, you can see the extension on the header area of your browser. The extensions make it very easy to pin from a blog.

    #14.Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Integration

    Tailwind lets you connect with Facebook pages and Twitter to share your contents across this platforms. You can connect the Facebook Pages and Twitter Account from the settings.


    #15.Suggested Pins

    Tailwind also helps you to find other great pins which you can add to your relevant boards. Once you use the Tailwind browser extension to add a pin, it will suggest you further, a set a of related pins which you also consider pinning on your board. No need to search for fresh pins every time, the Tailwind app is there to help you out.

    #16.instagram Connectivity

    Tailwind also has connectivity option with Instagram. This feature is still in its beta version, but if you have an account with Instagram, you should definitely try this option and promote your Instagram pics with a click.

    #17.Tribe Messaging Systems

    Tailwind has a Tribe Messaging system, where Tribe members can connect and interact with each other. It is a great platform where Tribe members can introduce themselves, let other group members know about their recent posts , and invite others to check their profile or ask them for Pinterest follow.

    Tailwind Tribe Messaging system

    #18.Board Analytics

    Tailwind Analytics is a great tool to find out which of your Pinterest Board is doing well through Board Analytics. You can find out different metrics like active and engaged followers, who pin and repin your contents etc. You can also see the number of total follower in a board, the number of pins etc. as well.

    #19.Pin Analytics

    Tailwind has its analytics systems just like Pinterest, which is quite powerful. Tailwind lets you access the last 5000 pins to find out which pins are performing well and getting more repin and reshares. This information is quite useful to build a smart content marketing strategy and become more successful on Pinterest.

    #20.Tailwind Help Chat

    Tailwind has an excellent customer support team. They are available on chat, and you can get quick support from them by asking questions using their chat feature button.


    #21.Tailwind App

    One more reason why I like Tailwind. Tailwind understands that it is not always possible to access a computer and most of all how important it is to access a tools like this on the go.

    This is why Tailwind has also launched their app, which you can access from your smartphone. This gives you more flexibility to find and schedule contents at your convenience.

    #22.Multi Account Connectivity

    If you are running multiple websites and have more than one Pinterest account, you can add multiple Pinterest accounts using the same Tailwind account.

    This is a great time-saving feature. You do not need to log out and log in to a separate account to access another Pinterest account.

    #23.Tailwind Affiliate Program

    By this time you have already understood how amazing Tailwind is. But that's not just it. Tailwind has an amazing affiliate program which will earn you money for inviting others into this program.

    Tailwind has tied up with affiliate platform Share-a-sale. You can sign up on Share-a -sale and apply for the Tailwind affiliate program. If you get approved, you will get a chance to earn cash for every successful referral.

    #24.Tailwind Referral Program

    You can also recommend Tailwind to your friends, other bloggers and associates. Referring Tailwind to someone is easy. Go to your Tailwind dashboard and invite others by entering their email ids. You can also put your affiliate link on your blog or share it with your email list.

    If any of your referrals decide to go for paid Tailwind program, you will also get a$15 credit, which will be auto-applied against your next Tailwind payments.

    #25.Tailwind Knowledge Program

    Tailwind also has its own knowledge programs. If you are new to Pinterest and want to know more about how Pinterest works, you can download their free Pinterest Traffic Guide and watch their webinar to understand how you can multiply your Pinterest traffic & sales.

    #26.Tailwind Free Trial

    If you want to try Tailwind, Tailwind has a great free trial option. You can explore and try all these great features yourself by using their free trial. You can try Tailwind Free trial using this link. The trial option will let you pin 100 posts and join other tribes to share your content.

    Once the trial period is over, you can switch to a monthly or annual plan.The Monthly plan will cost you $14.99 per month. The Yearly plan (one-time payment) will effectively cost you $9.99 per month, which means you can save $60 or in a way get 4 months of subscription completely free. You will also get an additional discount of $15, if you use my spcial Tailwind promo link both on monthly and yearly plan.


    I am using Tailwind for a couple of years now for my different blogs, and I simply love it. I believe every Pinterest user who wants to grow their Pinterest network and get more social traffic out of it must use this platform. 

    I have even seen fresh Pinterest accounts gain over 25K visits within a month of their joining just by using this tool and pin their content smartly. If you are not using Tailwind yet, I would recommend Tailwind Free Trial to you to try and check it yourself.

    Happy Pinning!


    Tailwind Features

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