5 Powerful Tips to Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic using Tailwind Tribes

In this post, I will explain how to use Tailwind Tribes to skyrocket your Pinterest growth and blog traffic. If you are new to Pinterest but unable to drive much traffic to your website, this is a Tailwind Tribe is perfect for you.

If you don't know what Tailwind is, I suggest you read my detailed review on Tailwind and learn about all its features. But in a nutshell, it is an app that will let you schedule your Pinterest pins. Tailwind is currently the most popular Pinterest scheduler and Pinterest approved app in the market.

If you are not using Tailwind yet, I highly recommend you start using this. Here is a special link for you to try Tailwind for complete one month completely free.

What is Tailwind Tribe?

If you are using Tailwind for quite some time now, I am sure you know about Tailwind Tribe. It's a community or group of likeminded people who share each other's content on their Pinterest profile.

There are thousands of tribes on Tailwind in almost every niche. The good thing about this is that for every pin that you add in the Tailwind Tribe, it is shared by other members on their profile...and you do the same thing in return for other members.

So in a way, you will be promoting other member's pin to your followers and the your pins will be promoted by others to their followers as well.

Pretty amazing....isn't it?

Tribes can increase your reach beyond your imagination, get you new readers and viewers and increase your visibility.
But to make that happen, you have to join the right tribe and follow some best practices.

If you are new to Tailwind Tribe, you might be under the impression that joining more and more tribes will give you more visitors.

But it is not.

So What can you do and How do you find your relevant Tailwind Tribe?

Let's find out!

#1.How to find a Good Tribe to Join?

As I mentioned earlier tribes do not mean more success and more traffic. It simply doesn't work like that. So, you should join tribes that are worth your time and effort. 

Find Relevant Niche

Find relevant tribes and members who are in the same niche as you. This will give you more opportunity to find the right audience with whom you can connect and showcase your work.

For example, if you are a food blogger, you want to connect with people into this niche only. There is no point in connecting with tribes in Gaming niche because they will not be interested in your niche.

Now, here is a little bit challenge that you might face. You may not always find the same tribe or niche that you are currently in. For example, you might be passionate about a home garden, but you might not see the same tribe on Tailwind.

If that is the case, you have to be a little bit flexible and join other tribes close to Home Garden niche- such as Living, Gardening, Lifestyle etc.

Tribe Members

Number of Tribe Members plays a critical role in Pinterest traffic. Any Tailwind Members can create Tribe and ask people to join the Tribe. However, you will hardly see any actions such as like, repin or comment in those tribes.

So, it is always recommended you join tribes that have a lot of members.

Active Tribes

This is another important aspect of Tribe. There are so many Tailwind Tribes out there, but when it comes to activity, not all are active. You should always join those tribes where you see a lot of activity. This means, members are actively sharing each other's content.

If there is no activity in the tribes, there is no point of joining.

#2.Share Multiple Graphic Versions of Your pins to Your Tailwind Tribes

Create as many version as possible for any topic or pin that you created. Whenever you create a new content, post or upload video create 5-10 different graphics for that content.

This will give you a better clickthrough rate for that content.

#3. Be Consistent in Your Tailwind Tribe

To be successful on Tailwind Tribe, you have to be more consistent. So spend at least 5-10 minutes every day in sharing your content on Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind Tribes show pins in chronological order. So if you don't post regularly, your posts will be pushed towards the bottom of the feed after a particular time.

Come up with a solid pin sharing strategy and spread your across multiple tribes throughout the week.

#4. Do Not Spam Tailwind Tribes

Do not spam Tailwind Tribe at any cost. In the previous section, I mentioned about creating multiple pins for content. But if you post all the pins in the tribe at the same time, this will not do any help.

Let me explain this with an example.

You have shared the same pin in 5 different tribes. Chances are other members are also in those five other tribes. Now since they have already shared your pin once, they won't do it again.

That's why you should always use different graphics to different tribes. And even if you are using the same graphic, make sure you share this in a different time.

#5. Don't be Selfish- Share Other's Content in Tailwind Tribe

A Tribe's success depends on how actively members are supporting each other by sharing contents. So if you expect other members to share your content, you have to do the same for other members as well.

Make sure that every content you share or add to a tribe, you share some other member's pin to your own profile. In many tribes it is mandatory that the content sharing will be done in 1:1 or 2:1 ratio. This means, for every content you add to the tribe, you have to share at least one or two post of others.

Tribe Owners keep a close watch of their member's activity and if you don't follow this rule, they might even kick you out of the tribe

Wrapping Up

Tailwind is a indeed a powerful tool to get more traffic from Pinterest. Not only the tribe system, Tailwind has so many helpful features that you can use it for other purposes which I have explained in my detailed Tailwind Review. If you are not using Tailwind as of now, take a free Tailwind trial and explore this amazing platform yourself.




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