What do Successful Bloggers do and Why you need follow the same?

That’s not a question! Even a baby can answer that.

Bloggers write content on their website and make money online.

Pretty straightforward…right?…It is.

But if you think about it, this one answer defines how you vs other successful bloggers see their blog.

Everyone wants to make money from their blog. But Successful bloggers are not obsessed with only the money part; instead, they focus on something more important, and they make money out of it in the process.

What is that one important thing? Keep reading as I explain it more.

Successful bloggers see their blog as their online business, and like all other businesses out there, they focus on solving their customers’ problems. Every single business in the world follows this one simple principle, and your blog should not be an exception to this.

So if you have been looking for that one secret formula all this time, now you have it. Next time someone asks you what a Blogger does, you know the answer and trust me, this answer makes much more sense than the previous one.

Blogger writes helpful content for their audience to help them with their questions.

But how do they do it actually? 

What does a Blogger Look for?

A Blogger always looks for what the audience is looking for and where they need help the most. For example, in this blog, we answer questions on how to make money online. We understand that people worldwide are actively searching for different make money online opportunities, and we try to help them with different options.

Unfortunately, most bloggers miss this and fail in their blogging journey. They sit down and write random content hoping people will read them.

How to be a Great Blogger who inspire others?

Now that you understand what successful bloggers do, let’s break it down further to make it even easier for you.

#1. Find Your Audience

Every Blog needs an audience, to be more specific, a relevant audience. If you don’t have an audience, then your blog is not serving any purpose at all.

Most people will associate the audience with Niche or Topic. After all, your topic determines your audience. But, this approach will only limit your thought process.

When you select a topic (or some people call it niche as well) or write something using a topic, you know who can read this topic at most, who will be your readers. So you are putting more emphasis on the content rather than focusing on the readers. You are writing content and wondering who would be benefitted from this.

Now, let’s take the reverse approach!

Think who you want to be readers! This will give two distinct benefits:

  • You are not doing the guesswork anymore. Your contents are now highly focused, and you are reaching out to the right audience
  • You are not running out of topics. You know exactly what your readers are looking for
  • For example, in this blog out target audience is awesome people like you who are exploring make money online opportunities. We understand this well, and that’s why we are constantly creating content in passive income, Affiliate income and other online income opportunities.

    #2. Create Knowledge Articles

    Think of your Blog as an online library. And as a Blogger, you need to keep on adding new content.

    Whenever someone comes to your website, you must ensure they get everything they are looking for, as if it is a one-stop destination. You can only achieve this by writing awesome resources that make them stay on your website as long as possible.

    But how can you achieve this?

    Start with a small topic and keep adding new content within that topic. For example, if you are writing about Keto Diet, make sure you have enough articles on that topic before moving to another one.

    One common mistake that most bloggers make is to cover multiple topics simultaneously. We have done this too!

    Our topics are currently limited to Blogging, Make Money Online and Affiliate Marketing in this blog.

    If we wanted, in blogging itself, we could have added multiple topics such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Traffic. It’s not like we have no plan to do that in the future either. But, we wanted to establish authority on Blogging first before going for any other topics.


    Because we wanted to make sure that we cover everything as much as possible, so our readers don’t need to go anywhere else.

    If you are wondering if that’s a strategy worth following, especially when it can limit the traffic to your website, remember, any number of visitors is good when you start a blog as long as they are relevant.

    #3. Promote Your Articles

    You have created awesome content, but no one is reading it. How frustrating can it be?

    It’s probably the most painful thing to watch as a blogger. But how do people know about your excellent content?

    You are a new blogger. You have no authority…Yes, you put in your best effort; probably this is the most epic content someone has written so far!So what?

    If people don’t know about it, it simply doesn’t exist at all, and there is no point in writing content if you have no plan of sharing it with the world. You are simply wasting your time!

    So what can you do about it? How do you promote your content? There are many places where you can start, such as:

  • SEO
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • While each of these has its benefits and advantages, don’t spend your time and energy promoting your content across all the platforms simultaneously. Instead, start sharing your content with one or two platforms at the beginning.

    Pinterest is the most successful site to share your content as it can get tons of fresh and relevant traffic to your website. We would recommend Pinterest to start with and move to other platforms over time.

    #4. Be consistent and stay committed

    Being a blogger is like planting a tiny seed. There is no immediate result. You have to take care of it….. daily….. …consistently! And one day it will grow into that big tree you have always dreamt of.

    Consistency and commitment are two things you need if you want to succeed in your Blogging journey in the long run. There is no exception.

    Most people get into this journey without giving much thought to this, and eventually, they all quit.

    Give yourself that time. For any new blog, you need to commit at least 2 years before you start seeing results. This won’t happen in a month or two.. not even in six months.

    Now, two years might sound like a lot of time…but in reality, you need this time to build a solid foundation for your blog. And when you know you have sufficient time with you, you will not rush into things. You will not be under tremendous pressure of getting things done immediately and get a breathing space.

    However, it doesn’t mean you need full two years before you start making money online. Instead, this is a realistic timeline you give yourself to achieve that goal.

    Wrapping Up

    So there you have the secret formula (not so secret after all!) of all the successful bloggers. All it takes is an idea, the right audience and your commitment to make it a success.

    Once you master these three simple things, you won’t be spending hours writing random content anymore

    If you are excited to get into this journey, check our epic guide, where we have explained How to Start your Blog step by step.

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