What Is a Blog and Why You Should Create Your Own Blog?

First of all, let me clarify that we are not certainly looking for a textbook definition of what Blogging is. 

But this is a question you have to ask yourself! Because this one question will tell you what you can expect from your Blog.

Let me explain this with an example!

If you got a cute dog and you love writing about how it plays, how cute it is, and the funny things it does on a daily basis...then you simply sharing a bunch of content that's not adding any value to your readers... Sure, they might want to see a few pics, maybe even leave a few comments... and they will move on...they have better things to do after that!

Now let's take this dog example again in a different context. You are a dog expert. Be it dog breed, dog food, dog health. You are the person your friends always reach out to.. You know everything about it. So imagine you writing a blog about this. You are no longer writing random stuff anymore. Instead, you are writing something people are actively searching for. ..Something that will solve their problem.

Who do you think has more chance of success with their blog?

The first example will more qualify as a journal, maybe something you like to share with others, but this will not make money if that's what you expect from your blog.

You can keep on writing tons of stuff and hope people will visit your website to read them so that you can make money. But in reality, this will be a never-ending process, and you will always be struggling for traffic and more importantly- relevant traffic.

Which brings us back to the question...

 What is a Blog?

Think of your blog as a source of helpful articles that will help your readers. For example, instead of making a random dog website, create a website like this that talks about the best dog foods or dog health.

What is the benefit?

It immediately tells your readers what your blog is all about and what is in it for them.

Another example? ...This very blog you are reading right now!
In this blog, we mainly talk about make money online, Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing opportunities...and all our contents are focused on these topics.

So overall, your blog is an excellent opportunity to connect with your readers and help them solve their problems. As long as you follow this simple principle, you can build a successful blog that will sustain in the long run.

Why Should You Start Your Blog?

Apart from a very few websites like Govt, Public Info, and non-profit websites like Wikipedia, most of the websites or blogs are built for one and only one purpose.... to make money out of it.

Take any industries, any niche, any business- the underlying reason for creating a website is to share knowledge and leverage it for generating revenue.

If you want to be successful in your online journey, this is the simple formula you need to follow.

  • Focus on sharing knowledge that will solve people's problems. For example, if you are a dog expert who knows what to check when buying dog foods, best dog foods available in the market- why not share that knowledge with others?
  • Keep repeating the first step and leverage your knowledge in generating money
  • Wrapping Up

    So there you folks! Hopefully, now you have a clear understanding of what a blog is and how a blog can help you in your online journey.

    If you are super excited right now (I'm sure you are!) to start your blog then, we have an epic guide for you waiting on how to start a blog.

    Why do we call it epic?

    Because it's an extremely detailed, step by step guide with 16000+ words.
    So fair warning! Grab a cup of coffee before you start reading it; you might not get a chance afterwards! Yes, it's that engaging!

    So, are you ready? Awesome! Let's jump into it.

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