What is Niche? How to Select a Niche for Your Affiliate Website?

what a niche is and how can you select a niche for your website?

Choosing a niche is the most critical aspect of building a successful blog. Many people start working on random niches which they don't even care about. As a result, they lose interest in that niche within a few months or in a year.

So How to choose such a niche. That's what this post is about!!!

This article will help you to find out your niche and most importantly, a profitable niche.

Let's find a niche for your website.

What is Niche?

The simple definition of Niche is just a topic or subject that you choose for your blog. But is it only the topic?

Necessarily not. While most people choose a niche, they consider a product or service. But they miss the most critical aspect of a niche....The People...

Because...whatever product or service you are choosing, there should be an audience who are willing to buy it. So in a way, when you are selecting a niche, you are not selecting a product or service, you are choosing an audience.

When you start considering people as your niche, there comes the next important question.

Who will be these people?

The answer, the right people, who are actively looking for the products or services that you are promoting. There is no point of attracting a lot of people who are not even interested in your niche.

The next question that you should ask yourself is whether these people are motivated enough; do they have aspirations? Here comes the psychological part... people buy things in which they find value or something they believe might help them in some way.

So, does your niche offer that value or is this something where people are seeking help or trying to get better? If not, then sadly people will not even bother spending money on it.

End result?

You will put a lot of effort and energy for a very little or low success.

How to Choose Your  Affiliate Niche?

So how do you a choose a niche for your blog?

Niche Selection is extremely vital for your blog's success. Most people ask these common questions like which niche they should target or what should they write about in their blog?

I will explain the entire niche selection process in two steps:
Step 1: How to find profitable niches?
Step 2: How should you choose your niche?

Step 1: How to find profitable niches?

First of all, there is no point in choosing a topic or niche if people are not looking or searching for it. Because even if you manage to reach the number one position in Google, it will be of no use. If you only manage to get a mere 100 people on your website in a month, you won't be making any money at all.

Secondly, Go for something that has low competition. Most people make the mistake of going something which has a lot of competition already. All the big websites are already targeting these keywords, which makes it very difficult for you to rank.

For example, as a beginner, you might be tempted to go for niches like smartphone, smart tv or gaming laptops. You might be under the impression that since these products have a lot of demand, you will make a lot of money. But in reality, you will face a lot of competition from all the big websites.

So what to do?

You need a choose a niche which has low competition and at the same time as has reasonable demand in the market. Example: Instead of mobile phones, you can go for mobile accessories.

Third, Check for the Amazon Affiliate Commission rate. Amazon offers up to 10 per cent commission on different product categories. So whenever you are selecting a niche, take a note of the commission rate of that particular niche. Most of the products in Amazon has a commission range of 4-8%. 

So, for a 4% commission rate, instead of promoting a product which is worth $20, it makes more sense to go for a product which $1000 having lower competition. In that way, you will earn a much higher commission.

Step 2: How Should You Choose Your Niche?

Now that you have an idea about how to select a profitable niche, let's figure, which is the niche you should focus on yourself.
To understand this better, let's consider these four things which will help you even better to understand yourself and your niche.

These are:
Interests, Passions, Skills and Opportunities.

Let me explain each of them.

Interest: Interest is something that you may not have done before. But if you get an opportunity, you might give it a try. Example: River Rafting or Mountain Hiking.

Passion: Passion doesn't have a specific definition. But this is something which brings a lot of energy in you. This is something which keeps you excited, helps you to put more effort.

Skills:  It has fairly straightforward definition. If you believe you are good at something, you consider that as your skill. 

Opportunity: This is something where you believe, you could give it some effort, and it could work. (I have explained this more in the next section).

Now think of all the niches or topic that you thought of in the step 1 and try to fit into these above 4 things.

  • If you are good at this?
  • If not, are you going to put the effort in this to be better?
  • This is an essential task if you want to be successful. Blogging market is getting competitive every day with so many bloggers. So your only chance to be successful is if you keep on putting your best effort and get better every day.

    This is an essential task if you want to be successful. Blogging market is getting competitive every day with so many bloggers. So your only chance to be successful is if you keep on putting your best effort and get better every day.

    So how do you do that?

    Do not just pick any random topic. Rather, pick something which you think you have some interest, you can keep working on this for a long time. Because, if you don't like it yourself, there is no way you will stay motivated in the future to work on it and make it successful.

    How to Explore Niche Opportunities

    Now that you have a better understanding of the niche, let's understand how to explore these niche opportunities further.

    To understand it better, you can go to Pinterest, Reddit and see the different things people are talking are about.
    This will also give you an idea of different niches which you might not even have considered or aware of.

    To understand it better, you can go to Pinterest, Reddit and see the different things people are talking are about.
    This will also give you an idea of different niches which you might not even have considered or aware of.

    You will be amazed to see all the different opportunities that are out there.

    How to Understand Niche Competition?

    Nobody likes competition....especially when you are in affiliate marketing. Wouldn't it be best if you are the only person promoting a product that no one else is promoting?

    A lot of people believe that it's best if they do not to have any competition. However, this is not true!

    A little bit of competition is always good.

    Why? There are a couple of reasons!

    First, It gives you an idea that the product or service is in demand. And other people have already assessed this before you. So you don't have to be the first person to check whether it is worth promoting or not. There is no point of promoting something which no one is interested in buying- absolutely no demand at all!

    Second, You will get an opportunity for how your competitors are doing, what exactly they are promoting and all. This will give you a lot of ideas on how to make your blog better and promote it in a better way

    So...how do you understand the competition?

    The answer...Google...There are so many tools (free and paid) that will help in competitor analysis. Competition Analysis is a continuous process and if you have to keep on doing this from time to time if you want to rank better on Google. I will cover this in more detail in the Keyword Research section.

    One thing that you should keep in mind is not too have a too competitive mindset. Instead, try to explore the creative side of yours and focus on that!

    Let me explain what I mean!

    A lot of people will see their competitions and somehow conclude:

  • Their competitors are way more talented
  • Their sites will never be like their competitors; no way!
  • These competitors already started a long back, so they are already so much ahead that you will never be able to compete with them!
  • These are some common thoughts that everyone has in the beginning. This is why don't get stressed too much what are your competitors are doing. Instead, be creative and focus on building your blog.

    Remember, your ultimate objective is to win your potential audience, not to get ahead of your competitions in a crazy competition.

    Should You Build a Multi Niche Website?

    This is another common question that I see a lot!

    There are many people who believe the more niches they cover in their blog; it will attract more audience.

    Now when I say more multiple niches, I don't mean those niches that are closely related to each other. For example, if your blog is about smart watches, you can also write about sport watches or casual watches on your blog...that's not a problem.

    I am talking about niches which are not related to each other—for example, smartwatches and smart televisions in the same blog.

    Many people make this common mistake. They try to cover so many niches in the same blog. As a result, they lose their focus, so do their audience.

    If you try to cover so many niches on your blog, you will not be able to focus on anything and deep dive.

    This is very important if you want you to want to build your blog authority.

    When you are just beginning, I would suggest staying focused only on one niche until you have mastered it.


    I hope you have a better understanding of the niche now. You might also have identified the perfect place and opportunities that you want to pursue further.

    The next step is to create a niche website. Check my step by step guide on how to create a niche blog. I will explain everything, starting from how to create a blog, how to select a hosting service and most importantly, how to customize your website for your niche.

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